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Monte Vista



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 05/21/2011
I lived here for only six months before I relocated out of state. I have lived in a lot of apartments in a lot of different cities and over all I would rate the experience an eight on a scale of one to ten (ten being best). The "Garden Setting" can be a huge hassle what with landscapers there three out of five days a week waking me up in the morning with their leaf blowers. Then the leaves from the trees completely covering my yard. There are a few kids and some can be loud at times but it has always quieted down after dark. The only problem I had with any other tenant would be the guy that lived up stairs. He would leaf blow his leaves off his deck into my yard and smoke weed in his apartment the smell of which would seep into my apartment through vents. It gave my fiance such bad headaches that I complained and the maintenance guy discreetly had a word. The next time he did it I had to call the police. As for they staff they are very friendly and professional. My maintenance requests were always address within 48 hours but usually within the first three hours of my request. Parking is ample most of the time and dont let the security gate fool you. All anyone has to do to gain access to the place is ask the office staff the code, but of course it's la verne after all. Not too many undesirables. I would recommend this place for anyone as long as you can deal with the issues I mentioned. It really is a pretty nice place to live.
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Monte Vista

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