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Monte Vista



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mit1967 • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2011
I moved in May 2009 and have been plagued with problem after problem. When I first arived I parked my car in my assigned parking spot. A day later there was a note on my window telling me the spot was taken. I went to the office and after much research, they assigned me another spot. A year later, I noticed someone packing thier stuff in my storage location. I returned to the office only to be told that wasn't my assigned spot and referred me to my original parking spot. Same old story different year. Went to the office and told them that someone else was in my parking space. After resarching, they ending up assigning me to a space next to the one I had before. I then verified that all the paperwork had my new parking spot notated everywhere. Today, I go out to my car and discover a Parking Violation stiker on my car. I have left 4 messages with the office today and no one has called me back. Never, have I been subject to such unprofessional behavior or shabby record keeping. I am just so tired of this place!
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Monte Vista

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