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Monte Vista



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Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2013
We moved in here at the end of last year and after a month we had an issue come up. The night of being proposed to my fianc and I went to bed and about twenty minutes later our carbon monoxide alarm went off. So my fianc checked out the alarm and it continued to go off. I then told him we needed to call the fire department, so we did. The fire department came and took out there machine that detected whether or not there was carbon monoxide in the apartment. Once they turned it on they detected a high amount was detected so we had to wait outside while we were outside they had to open all the windows. As we were waiting I told my fianc thank God the alarms worked! The fireman then opened the door that led to the heater unit. The fireman looked and said that appeared it hadn't been serviced, was dirty and noticed that the heater doors were not on. They were just shoved on the side of the heater unit. They told us that not having the doors on and it not being cleaned could be the problem. They told us to sleep somewhere else that night, to make sure the apartment was aired out completely of the carbon monoxide. So we had to go stay else where for the night. The next morning we went to the front office to talk about what happened and one of the ladies made us feel belittle by saying we should have just came to them and avoided the fire dept. afterwards had the gas dept. come out and suggested they update there unit. Still nothing has been done. They feel if it works then its ok. We called corporate and talked to another lady who also made us feel like this wasn't a big deal. We ask for composition and after a month of fighting and frustration dealing with corporate they said $200 was the best they can do. We have also heard from other renters the they have experience things as well. From broken water pipes to moving units to gas leaks. It's an old apartment complex and needs many up to dates improvements. So if you consider this place expect. Cheep appliances and flooring; poor shower head with no pressure, unpleasant management and corporate staff unless you get Julie she was very nice and understanding. She was professional. We felt no one else wanted to deal with us. We wouldn't recommend this place. We have decided to break our contract and leave. P.s always check your heater before use. Check if properly cleaned and that both door are on.
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Monte Vista

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