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Sofi Laguna Hills

24555 Los Alisos Boulevard

Laguna Hills, CA 92653



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I just read all the reviews posted for Prado and all the bad reviews are 100% correct (and my gut feeling is that the positive reviews are written by a member of the Prado staff, you get the picture). During our 4 1/2 years there we experienced living in a downstairs apt. right off of the parking lot and it was a nightmare. Rude people make noise at all hours of the day and night and people let their kids (who hang out in a gang right by laundry and mailbox facilities--shouting at you and riding bikes into you as you try to walk through) put obscene graffiti on the walls and damage/flood the facilities. We had MAJOR bug problems (cockroaches the size of Toyotas) and black mold built up on our windowsills because of poor ventilation.<br> Parking is ridiculous--one assigned space, which many people don't bother to use. If you work nights, like me, get used to having people parked in YOUR spot when you get home. The 'courtesy patrol' is polite, but basically ineffective as they are located 25 minutes away in Irvine and can't manage to get there in time to do anything. The tow company you are told to use never shows within an hour of when you phone them (again, located in Irvine, and they are kind of surly when you DO bother to call them). The worst of the whole situation is the absolute incompetance and disregard by the management (which doesn't seem to improve no matter how many times they change hands). We had truly the upstairs neighbors from hell for a year.<br>They were drugged out of their heads, up all night making banging noises as we tried to sleep and seemingly unemployed except for the drugs they were selling in the parking lot all night. Multiple complaints were ignored and management never did anything except let them know that we were complaining about them, thus turning our homelife into a nightmare of druggies yelling at us, slamming doors, jumping up and down above our heads at 4 a.m. Nice, huh?<br> Do not live in the Prado, we eventually had to solve our own problem by moving elsewhere. As a final goodbye the management company sent our refunded deposit check to the apartment we had vacated the month previously instead of our new home. Really professional.
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Sofi Laguna Hills

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