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Windridge Apartments



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gah1987 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2013
I have lived in this community for a year and a half. When my boyfriend and I first moved in we were thrilled to find this at the time, hidden gem. We resigned our lease this April and since then the community has gone downhill very quickly. There are teenagers wandering around at night, some have actually tagged graffiti onto someone's garage that faced the street! There is dog poop everywhere, children run wild and unsupervised, the pool is overused and disgusting. Our little piece of heaven has turned into a scorching piece of HELL. My bf is a full time student and struggles to study during the day as our new neighbors, with 13 people in that apartment are so incredibly disruptive. The picture I am posting is of their balcony, used for old banners, mattresses and trash. Yes, trash. It is an eyesore not to mention miserable to be home during the day because of how loud they and the other neighborhood children are. Don't get me wrong, i love kidsand the sounds of happy children and family is a great thing. However, these kids are allowed to run wild all day, they leave their scooters, toys and trash all over our walkways and grass areas. Just the other day they almost knocked down my elderly neighbor because she couldn't move out of their precious way fast enough. THAT IS JUST DISRESPECTFUL!! Shame on all the parents who are too lazy to take their children to the park to play and run free and who could care less about what they are doing or who they are harassing. I have tripped over their toys, been harassed verbally by some of these kids and could not be more furious that there is NOTHING DONE. Unacceptable. Management has ignored our pleas for help for months so that is why i blast them on yelp and this site. Because it is wrong to do business the way they do. We have waited three months like they requested to fix the parking and nothing has been done. I could go on and on but the bottom line is this, if you move here you will HATE your life. I wish every day that the old staff was back because since the change of staff our lives have been miserable!! NOTE TO MANAGEMENT: If you spent some time addressing the issues YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS are complaining about, instead of writing fake reviews and thanking those fake reviews you just might have a happier, healthier and more beautiful community with residents that don't hate you.
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Windridge Apartments Manager09/04/2013

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts. I'm glad you were overall satisfied during your three years with us, and am sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience. We are currently in the process of addressing the parking situation within the community. We emailed a parking rules reminder on June 3rd. We also held a community garage sale on August 3rd to offer an opportunity for you and your neighbors to sell any stored items that could impact the ability to park in the garages. Most recently, on August 21st, we emailed a notice regarding garage inspections to commence the week of September 16-September 30. We continue to strive to take the appropriate steps needed in order to remedy and ease the parking within the community. I appreciate your patience and hope that you will soon experience a better parking situation as we continue to take action. I also understand that you have concerns with your new neighbors. I personally walk the property daily and check the pool areas, especially during the summer when our amenities are highly utilized. At all times, any unaccompanied minors are asked to vacate the pool area immediately. A resident communication was also sent on June 7th, regarding monitoring minors within the community. Additionally, we have signage posted through out the community no bikes scooters and skateboards permitted on the sidewalks. Dog waste is cleaned up daily. We sent out a reminder of the pet poicys and rules about a month ago, however if you see an area that needs our attention, please let me know. I understand it can be frustrating when the gates are not fully operational. We make every attempt to effectively communicate when gates are under repair. We thank you for your desire to continue your residency with us and for allowing us the opportunity to continue to make improvements. Please remember to feel free to continue to inform me of any issues that you may experience regarding your home or at the community. I can always be reached at [email protected] or (949) 249-7655. Thank you.

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Windridge Apartments

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