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Windridge Apartments



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Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/04/2014
I used to live at Windridge from the start and they were shady. They had me sign my lease 6 days after moving in, so if I disagreed with it all it was too late as I already moved in and didn't plan on being homeless so I had no choice to agree to their terms. Secondly, during my residency there I sent numerous complaints and from all the complaints I see here I agree ------------- truly lived up to her name. When you complain there like I did and refused to sign a document to leave trying to coerce me in BLACK MAIL amount to leave and if I didn't pay it then technically the rain would come down on me. And since that day they did. My complaint to ------------- become shouting matches and she really didn't care. So for this and what my complaints say I am now forced to sue them in Civil court for the amount of $200,000 in damages I suffered due to their Liable Slander of my name to the credit world which I am potentially being denied a mortgage from this. My suit will show both visual and written documentation to prove that my California Lease because null and void when they violated California Housing Laws that allow me to vacate the premise under certain circumstance which my attorney stated is valid. I will give you all insight on what I am suing them for and if anyone would like to also file a suit against the owners, Equity Residential, I recommend doing so after my lawsuit is complete and victorious so you all have a legal Windridge Court Case Number to reference if you decide to proceed so it will make it easier for you all to win your case, please email me at [email protected] From my research they have lost a majority of class action suits all over the country so I am sure the courts are aware of their Character. My Suit will be to validate by a judge I am not responsible for this and due to all of my proof will also validate RETALIATION by windridge against me from the moment I gave notice due to my complaints and they refusing to rectify it or making general customer service statements without addressing the issue or feeling it's not important. Once I prove to the judge all of this I will be seeking damages extending beyond what they claim I owe them. I will also provider Character evidence both visually and in writing to show they are violating Federal Housing Laws and will reference a particular suit they lost at another Equity property due to these past legal confirmed by a court violations still unresolved in their organization. The breached my lease due to health and safety issues such as animal feces and not cleaning of property after a tenant committed suicide in the apartment. When I complained, as I just got released from the hospital with a weak immune system due to my condition, which dry animal feces in front of my apartment where everyone brought the animals to do their business and no one cleaning for days could give me Toxoplasmosis which could kill me was not a concern to ------------- or her staff the day I went to talk about this all prior to moving out. When I complained again they became irate and refused to deal with me in a rational manner. For this I completed vacating the property weeks later in addition to notify them the breach of lease on their part. I plan on having ------------- regardless of her employment status at Windridge, all staff at the time, and my physician served to appear in court. I have so much evidence I am even going to prove they could of had my apartment rented before I moved but from PRICE ALTERING rental daily and having visual proof of this all and hands down will prove in court all the above. Hence I am not concerned and encourage you all to not let them bully you. I am suing off principal and proof. Fortunately I am a business executive and will be enlisting my Corporate Attorney to fight this company.
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Windridge Apartments

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