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Windridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2013
def. not the greatest apartment to consider moving in to if you want a quiet and civil environment, they do nothing about your noise complaints to the other tennants, i see cops every other night drive through our apartments from the delinquence they let stay here, unfortunately were stuck for a year, luckily i have nice neighbors but i feel bad for everyone else who lives by the college students or by the tennants that have like 14 people living in a two bedroom, its outrageous they allow it and knowingly sign the lease, i guess they just need to fill the apartments.... but the office people arent much better, there is one gentlemen that is very nice and courteous, and a new lady who is nice but the blonde lady is rude, does not go over everything completely, she left the fact out of the entrance gate for guests, its not a quiet neighborhood and from the crowd of people that i see are not of the best stature, also most of the young kids that i would not let my kids do like running around the parking lot or riding bikes in the street by the maingate its like they dont care about their kids, with the kind of people who stroll through there are speeding, no regards for elders, parking is atrocious which i dont understand for at night, because tennants only "supposedly get 1 parking pass" yet all spots are completely filled, and they have a garage, i noticed by the main entrance it looks like someone actually sleeps in there garage because i am a bartender and i come home late and the same garage is always lit up at night and never open... what a suprise with the 14 people per apartment this place allows, i would not rate this apartment safe one bit, i see little marks by my door for someone trying to break in my car? they def let anyone get a place here, but def not a safe place for familys or good people. this is a bad place for any normal person with a sense of wits to be in... move up the street to the other apartments they are a lot better,
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Windridge Apartments

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