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Windridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
you can put up with extremely misbehaving brats (no kids live here , brats live here).<br>if you can put up with louzy maintenance. no care whatsoever for tenant's needs. If you look for a quiet place its not here. If you try to walk over hte few green belts they are loaded with dog's poop, -------- dont care to be in the dumpster collecting trash, they dont care to let their dogs out unleashed, the apartments are very old consecuently kitchens fall apart, and if you ask for help it never gets to your apt.<br>bathrooms suck, no ventilation at all.<br>people moving in and out all the time that should say something to you.<br><br>a great deal of tenants are harrasing, abusive and threatful. Some women whose heads are lost and nuts and bolts loose even feel they have a right to scream and demand from neighbors to the point of intimidation.<br><br>no sealing in the windows, if you happen to have a mexican living next to you all their nasty smelling cooking filters right thorugh your apt. <br>-------- here avery disrespectful but also the american caucasian women who will do their best to try to kick you out by also intimidating you. <br>too many of unsupervised chldren and teenagers playing football on a tot lot screaming and cursing and loud noise everywhere. I HAVE NOT HAD MUCH REST NOR SLEEP FROM LOUZY TENANTS, WHO DISRUPT EVERYTHING AND HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYTHING.<br><br>tHE STAFF IS NICE VERY NICE<br>BUT THEY NEED TO CHANGE THEIR SCREENING AND APPROVAL OF UNDESIRABLE TENANTS.<br><br>DONT MOVE HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH PEOPLE FROM THE MEXICAN GETTOS.
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Windridge Apartments

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