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Eaves Lake Forest



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cpshelley • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
This place is a nightmare. I've only been there for a few months, and I'm already looking for a new place.<br><br>First, the parking... you only receive 1 assigned space, no matter how many cars you have or how many people are living in the apartment. Parking outside the complex is terrible too, the closest street parking being about a block away. Also, this block is ALWAYS parked to capacity, often with people parking in the fire lanes and on the corners. I've seen other people here comment on the gates not working, and I can attest to that. It is NOT true that the reason the gate is always open is due to recent construction, the gate is BROKEN and STUCK OPEN because residents are only given ONE remote to open the gate, no matter how many residents drive. I have seen them fix the gate numerous times, only to be broken open again within the next few days because people are fed up with not being able to get into the complex.<br><br>The entire complex is fairly noisy, being right next to Lake Forest Drive. If I have my window open, I can't fall asleep at night because the noise from passing cars is so loud. Lake Forest Drive also seems to be the place for street racing, as I often hear people burning out and racing down the streets late at night... I've sometimes been woken up at 2am or 3am by people drag racing down Lake Forest.<br><br>As far as the grounds are concerned, they seem to be very rarely maintained. There was an old soda machine by the pool that had been knocked over and broken into, and was lying in the grass for over a month before they finally got around to having it removed. Now, there is a large, rectangular area of grass by the pool that is completely DEAD. The planters and hedges are unkempt, and the pool area and tennis courts are frequently very dirty. The excercise room, if it could even be called an excercise room, has maybe 3 or 4 VERY OLD machines, 2 of which are broken. I have given up trying to have them replace the machines.<br><br>As far as safety is concerned, besides the over parked streets and broken gate, I've only had my car vandalized once while living here.<br><br>The fixtures and electrical wiring is in poor condition. I had a problem with the electricity in one of my rooms about a month ago, where one wall of the room had no power. I called the offices and reported the problem, and TWO WEEKS later, an electrician showed up to look at the wiring. By that time, I had already had an outside electrician come in and repair the problem. Thanks, Arboretum! As far as the fixtures are concerned, the shower in one of my bathrooms has been broken for about two weeks now, the faucet being stuck on the hottest setting possible. I cannot figure out how to fix this cheap, plastic fixture, and I've been calling and complaining to the management every day, only to hear that I'm "on their list" and they'll get to me "as soon as possible."<br><br>Maintenance here is terrible. It takes them FOREVER to fix anything, and they don't usually do a very good job. Oh, they also knocked out an entire wall in my room to update some plumbing, and after a month and a half, that wall is STILL open. Actually, I shouldn't say "open" because there is a thin sheet of plastic they taped to the wall to protect me from the cancerous asbestos lurking within. Yes, asbestos.<br><br>The office staff is rude, unprofessional, and unhelpful. Complaints go unresolved, voice mails unanswered, etc. If you are lucky enough to get ahold of them, you'll probably get a scripted response letting you know that they're "working on it" or "getting around to it."<br><br>Overall, my stay here has been very unpleasant, and the management has done almost nothing to accommodate me or compensate me for my miserable time here. I would not recommend this apartment complex to anyone, and I would advise you tell your friends NOT to take up residency here. If you already have friends or family living here, tell them to get out while they can. They'll be raising rent soon, too.
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Eaves Lake Forest

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