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Ridgecrest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
Move in day...Filet Mignon on the patio...music, wine, and a guy urinating in the middle of the parking lot sets the tone for our glorious experience at Ridgecrest. That should have been our first sign of what was to come...did we heed the warning...NO! We stayed...and we will regret not leaving sooner. <br><br>We sincerely beg you NOT, and that is in caps for a reason, NOT to move to this complex. Wildly excessive noise from neighbors and cars/parking lot 24/7 make sleep nearly impossible. One of our cars was hit and run within the first month. All parking spaces are for sub-compacts and most of the tenants have SUVs and nobody cares about lines so they park however they please. The fire department and police roll through at least once a day. Helicopters are circling with spotlights at least once a week. Wild banshee neighbors are screaming obscenities and fighting. Kids roam around in packs and there is nothing for them to do so they play in the small parking lots behind the cars, on the electrical boxes, etc. <br><br>I think Mgmt. passed away a few years back as they are non-responsive to complaints. They increase rent a lot without any improvements to the units. When they do come out they can't complete a task without 3-4 trips in and out.<br><br>Overall, I truly want to help others save money and heartbreak from living in such a terrible environment. It is not worth one penny to live in this place. The crime rate, the peace of mind, the security and the money you pay equates to a very poor apartment experience. Turn around and run!
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Ridgecrest Apartments

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