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Racquet Club Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
We lived in Lancaster for 2 years and we lived here. At 1st it was ok, smelling previous tenants cigarette smoke was horrid, dirty carpets, mildew under the sinks from leaks. We lost power for nearly 24 hours we never reimbursed for anyhting lost in freezer. Lost tons of money on the cheap washers that didn't seem to really clean your clothes. Besides loosing money in the laundry rooms people would take your clothes if left in their for more than a minute past the time the timer went off. It was dirty and no one would ever clean up after themselves. Half the time the washers and dryers were broke and you would loose more money. The gas was out for days because some looser hit the main gas valve. Gangs tagging fire hydrants, cold water all the time. The roofs leaked last year and they just painted over the mildew never repaird the dry wall. Sprinklers water already soggy grass was kind of dumb. When we moved out our apartment was CLEANER THAN WHEN WE MOVED IN AND THEY STILL CHARGED US CLEANING FEES. TOTALLY UNFAIR! We were great tenants always paid our rent on time never complained about all the crap and that's how we get treated! For the place being over 30 years old it's totally not worth the money. People leaving the pool gates open so little kids could drown. To many visitors hung out there and would monoplize the pool and hot tub. Then come Monday the pool and ho tub would be covered in sludge. Good thing the pool guy came 3 times a week. The maintance would have to come back 2 or 3 times to fix a leaking faucet because they were to cheap to replace it. Ok for the nice things about Racquet club apts. Very large bed rooms nice neighbors, security on guard at night. Nancy Batterson was a very nice office worker. We never had any problem with safety in our apt or car was never broken into. The grounds were always kept up very nicely. Flowers all year around.
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Racquet Club Apartments

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