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Sunset Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
Once upon a time within the past ten years, the Antelope Valley was a lovely place to call home and raise a family. crime was low, the streets were safe and you knew your neighbors..even if you did live in an apartment. That was then, this is now. Within the past ten years, along with the building of the california Styate prison at Lancater. a "new element" moved into our beloved valley. People from the Los Angeles "urban areas" began moving up to the Anteliope valley in droves, like cockroaches and infested everything good. The Eastside of our valley was always the "older" side while the Westside is still considered desireable. These people moved here and moved into the older areas because the price was good. Law enforcement wasn't prepared for this. crime escalated. Schools became breeding grounds for gangs. Neighborhoods, even ones that were once deemed decent, have now fallen. This building is one that "could be" something nice if they were able to keep out the riff-raff. However, it seems they are losing the battle here. Management takes too long to respond to tenant needs. The area is not safe. people loitering about at all hours. For the price they expect you to pay for the amenities, it is just NOT worth the headaches and my personal safety. Our fair city needs to reel itself in and fix this '------' problem from spreading farther than it already has.
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Sunset Ridge

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