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College Park Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2012
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Office Staff
Don't get me wrong, this place is nice but security is lacking. The rent here is one of the highest in town that you ll pay and you would think you would receive better security. With the economy getting worse theft is skyrocketing. Thieves are everywhere and are known to walk apartment complexes looking for opportunities. The police don t patrol as often as they should here. When I first moved in College Park Apartments, someone had their car stolen right outside their front door within a five hour window. A few years went by and my car was broken into followed a few months later with the theft of my license plates from another vehicle. Nearly every morning I would see a truck stop at the various dumpsters going through the trash. Some say they are looking for recyclables while others believe they re looking for items that may compromise your financial identity. Either case they don t belong on the grounds. This could be prevented by a simple security gate to keep these people out. This place has a security gate but it is not utilized. It would also help if the local police would step it up on their patrols to crack down on these folks. There is an apartment complex down the street that has and uses their security gate and I am considering making the move. Another thing that is vexing is the fact that non-renters are disposing of old mattresses and couches and seem to drop them off at open apartment complexes and this place is no exception. That extra bit of trash costs every renter in the complex more money. In a way it is indirectly stealing money from your wallet by having to pay for their illegal trash dumping. All in all this place is nice but keep an eye on your surroundings. You could end up walking to work one morning.
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College Park Apartments

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