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Chardonnay Garden Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
I come from a wealthy family and I will be the first to admit I am spoiled but when I walked into their leasing office I have never felt so embarrassed.<br><br>My husband and I drove 6 hours to get to Livermore and we had already seen 3 apartments that day. None of them treated us like these two ladies did. As soon as I walked in with my three year old the lady saw me but ignored me. It wasnt until my daughter noticed the pool and said it was pretty did a second lady come up to us and asked me "what do you need?"<br><br>I replied "A place to live." I kinda giggled thought it was funny until my husband came in and this lady started hounding us. Just to show us a place she demanded a renters history, proof of employment, and I swear she asked for my daughters shot records..LIKE SHE WAS A DOG or something. Then to make matters worse this lady insisted that we wouldnt be able to afford their apartments. My husband makes 60 plus a year and I make 45. Hell we could buy a house but cant afford their apartments?<br><br>I am a lady so I won't repeat my thoughts of those two mature women running that place but I would strongly suggest renting a 10x10 kennel before dealing with those two on a daily bases.<br><br>Needless to say we werent given the opportunity to look at one of the apartments so I apologize for not knowing how they look, but I am not real eager to try to find out either.
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Chardonnay Garden Apartments

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