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Beverly Plaza Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
There is not one good thing to say about this complex. Everything that has been complained about here is 100% true. Mold, ants, cockroaches are problems. Rusty leaking plumbing. Outdated wiring. If something needs fixed do it yourself or make many frustrating phone calls to get ghastly ugly fixes. Example, leaking shower door repaired with old, dirty, green, refrigerator door gasket. <br>People that live here don't seem to realize or care that when they are in the parking lot they are right outside your bedroom window. Loud music, noisy cars, yelling, parties that make you sleep with your windows closed. Which is okay if your an air conditioner repair person and can fix your air.<br>Management will let you know that they are way, way better than you are, superior in fact, and will treat you like garbage. Their arrogance is top notch. <br>Tenants are responsible for paying the water bill. Explained as the complex pays 10% and the rest is divided among tenants. Gallons and gallons of water run from broken sprinklers constantly. <br>Pools are packed on the weekend with people from neighboring areas. Cars get broken into. Assigned parking is good if you and the people beside you own very small cars. Street parking is packed. Dumpsters are always overfilled, stinking and spewing into parking area. Natural gas smells emit from main water heaters in parking lots.<br>Rent is too high for this much frustration.
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Beverly Plaza Apartments

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