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Clair Del Gardens

4901 Clair Del Ave

Long Beach, CA 90807



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/22/2000
if you´re a wandering person looking for the right and safe apartment that will have awesome tenant services from your landlords or such, my high recommendation is NOT to consider this apartment. i am currently living here with such disgust due to the fakeness i received by the present landlord, linda ???. don´t let her fool you. she is nice in the beginning but once your her tenant, it´s all over. so why am i still here? well it´s all about the stupid lease i signed because i felt i was going to like the services here due to the impression linda gave me during my apartment search a while back. POOR SERVICE. people are not as nice and friendly. all things that are nice though is the gated community, oh but let me mention, it does break down at some time; the convenient gym, which is so cool because it´s new; the only problem here is that there´s no directions to how to use it so if your a starter ... goodluck! the pool is cool, they renovated it. the parking is good for the tenants but if your expecting guests ... just forget about it. the parking for guests are sooo poor because we´re located in a strip road filled with other apartments and parking is just horrible. plus, it´s very unsafe to park far, which is probably the only way anyone can park in clair del, because there are people walking around the strip road and it there´s not much light to see. it´s very suspicious and spooky. hmm... what else can i say from my experience. grr! the maintenance men are awesome. they´ll fix up your apt. as soon as you fill out some paper form that entitle what your house problem is. they are friendly people :) a star for them!! mail box is good. parking again sucks like hell, and so does the landlord. don´t let the scenery fool you. oh yeah last thing and probably most important... SAFETY. it is unsafe here. there are many cops that stop by at night to get some people. well i can´t assume much cause i really don´t want to see what´s happening but just the fact that there´s sometime even more that one police car can make a person skeptical about the place. i believe there´s even a club that was formed in the clair del gardens complex entiled.. crime watch... it´s an organization for the tenants if they want to be involved to help stop crime around the apartment area. so go figure for yourself... they even need to form organizations like this just to ensure the safety of tenants. i mean that´s a very good thing. but just the fact of the matter. so here it is ... i laid as much information to you wandering folks to decide on a right and safe apartment waiting for you. it is just now up to you to make your choice.
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Clair Del Gardens

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