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Hathaway Apartments



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hathawayrenter • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
I have read many of these postings and I agree with many and disagree with some. For the most part, I agree.<br><br>Lets cut to the chase. To improve this place, here is what Is DESPERATELY NEEDED:<br><br>1. Elevators - For those who live on the 3rd floor, it is very difficult to move in and out of these apartments. The obvious narrow design of those stairs and hallways are way too narrow to move into and out of.<br><br>2. Utilities - Water and Trash should be paid for by Hathaway to compensate since we pay soo much in rent. Also, the pet rent. It's like the damn oil companies. You pay a pet deposit and then you pay a monthly pet fee. A pet deposit isn't enough??<br><br>3. Parking - This is probaly the worst of all. It kinda feels like parking for midgets or French and English buggies. Since the college party goers take them up, the only real parking spots are on the streets. Good luck if you live waaay on the top of the hill.<br><br>4. Laundry Room - It needs either a Coin change machine or the use of smart cards. Who the heck conviniently carries quarters around???<br><br>5. Maintenance - Compared to 2 years ago, it now takes 2 to 3 days to fix basic problems. The Quality of Service has really dropped a few notches. Nice people, but slooooow.<br><br>6. Noise!! - For those who work Monday - Friday, it's like a party all the time. When you complain to management, nothing is done about it. You can't really complaint to security because it seems that all they do is confirm the problem with powerful flashlights. If I ran this place, there would only be 1 warning, the next one would be a boot in the a$$. There are plenty of #*ck face renters out there willing to rent every day. I should know...I'm on of them!!<br><br>7. Management - Everyone in the office seems to be nice. No major problems there, especially with Mabel. ;)
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Hathaway Apartments

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