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3,147 Apartments Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

18,362 reviews are available from registered residents for 3,147 apartment communities. By default, you will see the top rated apartments in Los Angeles. Use the filters to see available options based on amenities or price.
Price Range: Apartments in Los Angeles range from $358-$32,504 in price.
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Known for its movie celebrities and notorious driving culture, Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just Hollywood studios. Of course, movies are made in Los Angeles, but the city is actually divided up into smaller neighborhoods, each with their own unique culture and feel.

Whether you want to hit a bar, a nightclub, a beach, a fine restaurant, a museum, a hike, a classic film, or a treasured cultural enclave, Los Angeles has an experience to offer.

Cost of Living

63% Rent


37% Own

Renter's Cost vs. Income

Last Updated October 2023

Average Monthly Rent

Last Updated October 2023

Studio + 0 Bathrooms

$920 this year

Studio + 1 Bathroom

$194 this year

1 Bedroom + 0 Bathrooms

$383 this year

1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom

$235 this year

2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms

$73 this year

3 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms

$827 this year


Local Insight



Consisting of Echo Park and Silver Lake, the Eastside provides a hip, alternative culture. Unique fashion and eclectic tastes in music dominate these hipster neighborhoods. East LA, meanwhile, features the rich history and culture of the Mexican-American neighborhoods.


No matter where you go in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, you will find a lively nightlife. Some areas may just be more to your liking than others. Downtown has a mix of dance clubs and relaxed lounges. Hollywood is the place to go for the biggest and the loudest clubs, often within upscale hotels. Hollywood also has no shortage of classy bars with a mix of retro and modern styles.

The Eastside, true to its hip culture, features an array of dive bars and live music venues. The Valley's sports lounges and karaoke joints fit with the overall laid-back attitude. Towards the beach on the Westside, residents hang out at their favorite sports bar or the Santa Monica Pier for casual fun, or they venture to a high-end hotel for a more luxurious evening.

Satisfy Your Tastebuds

With a diversity of neighborhoods and enclaves, Los Angeles has a flavor for every palate. For a fusion of these tastes, California cuisine is known to combine a variety of cooking styles with a unique presentation. LA also has a culture of casual eating with a mix of food trucks (KBBQ, Mexican, and more) and tasty taco stands.

The health craze has also gripped Los Angeles with an expanding list of organic and/or vegan restaurants to grab a salad or kale smoothie (or "green drink"). If you're looking to impress a date, there's no shortage of fine dining opportunities in the more upscale areas.


The beautiful weather is classic Southern California. It's usually sunny, and rain showers are rare. Temperatures are 70-80 degrees during the day, although it can get up to 100 degrees in the summer. Fortunately, it cools down at night with the mid-60s being normal.

Different areas, of course, do experience variation. The Valley is, on average, 10 degrees warmer, so you need an air conditioner during the hot summer months. You may be able to forego the A/C if you're closer to the cool ocean breeze coming from the Pacific. In that case, just open a window.

Travel and Transport

Tell us if you've heard this one before, but Los Angeles is primarily a driving town. But what does this mean in practice? It means that unless you rely upon very specific routes of public transportation to get to work or school, then you need a car. Public transportation does exist in LA, but it takes longer to get where you're going when there are multiple stops.

Living in LA means you inevitably spend time on the web of highways. And you know you're in LA because we respectfully name highways as "the" 10 and "the" 405. Most importantly, beware of the extended rush hours that last from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This isn't your everyday suburbia rush hour. The dreaded LA rush hour can make your trip take two or three times as long depending on your route.

The car culture also requires that you have a place to actually park your car. Not every apartment or condo offers a space for residents, so this is a critical amenity when choosing a place to live. Street parking in Los Angeles often requires you to decipher multiple signs and permit warnings that determine if, when, and how long you can park in a given spot. Oh, and there is probably a meter.

Commuting to Work

Last Updated October 2023

Public Transportation You Should Know
Los Angeles Metro

Los Angeles Metro

The LA Metro consists of both the bus and rail lines in Los Angeles. There are over 200 bus lines, 6 light-rail lines, and 2 subway lines.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

This line serves much of the Westside, including Santa Monica, West LA, Venice, Westwood, and LAX.

Culver City Bus

Culver City Bus

This line serves the Westside and Culver City.



These buses, run by the LA DoT, have several shorter routes that intersect with other main routes.


What is the average rating of a community in Los Angeles?

The average rating is 2/5 stars.

What is the average price for a 2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms in Los Angeles?

The average price is $4,139.07.

What is the average price for a 1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom in Los Angeles?

The average price is $2,955.92.

What is the average price for a Studio + 1 Bathroom in Los Angeles?

The average price is $2,382.38.

What is the average monthly rent for Los Angeles?

Based on 2023 city data, the average monthly rent is $1,641.00.

What is the average commute time?

Based on 2017 city data, the average commute is 31.6 mins.

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