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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
My experience hasn't been TOO bad so far. My neighbors partied ALOT but after calling security & the police a few times, it died down a bit. Residents are very rude about leaving car stereos playing loudly when coming home and they're very loud when entering the building or walking through the halls. The motorcycle owners are obnoxious.<br><br>Building seems relatively safe, but the neighborhood sucks! Nothing like police helicopters flying overhead on a weekly basis. Not fun to go shopping at the local shopping center to see cops hiding behind their vehicles with guns drawn... What frightens me is that the security staff seems to let people in freely. Sometimes I open the gate for myself and a few cars follow me in. Other times, the stupid gate doesn't work at all and anyone can just come in.<br><br>Some of the staff are moderately nice; some are flat-out rude and act as though you're bothering them. One girl in the office even blames me every time there's an issue that I bring to her attention... MAJOR attitude.<br><br>My apartment is thrown together poorly. The cleaning job between residents is terrible, so buy yourself a few gallons of bleach and some sponges. The walls are crooked and the doors open the wrong way. The closet had plenty of room for a full-size washer/dryer, but they installed a tiny one instead. We've gotten used to the loud hum and clank of the central air - apparently the duct tape that maintenance used to hold down a pipe didn't work. Paint is splattered everywhere, walls are patched poorly, and we actually found fake eyelashes painted onto the wall in our shower! Gross!<br><br>My biggest complaint is the extra services - cable and Internet. You're forced to get their satellite cable, which means you pay their outside company a monthly fee that gets debited from your account AND you pay DirecTV. If you want a specialty box, the prices increase tremendously from both companies. As for the Internet, AT&T's staff is completely incompetent. I've been struggling with them since mid November and in that time, I've had Internet for about 3 weeks maximum and I've paid over $200. They also forced me to get a phone line, which I didn't want. However, it's the only option you have if you want Internet. <br><br>The apartment is overpriced for its small size, the outside services are a pain, the gym is crowded, the pool is freezing, the neighbors are loud, the hot water takes FOREVER to get hot (water bills are HIGH) and the security staff is competent. I recommend looking elsewhere for your new home.
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