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Alexandria Park Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I have had numerous problems with maintenance issues in the short time I have lived here, a total of 8 separate problems that the complex seems incompetent to fix. For instance: Washer/Dryer unit The washer stops before completing a cycle and I have to manually change the settings. Heater When I first moved in the heater did not work. They worked on the heater and got it to work, however I cannot run the heater because every time I do it sets off the smoke detector. Again, They came out and informed me that the heater is too close to the alarm and he would put in a new one. They scheduled a time and never returned. Garbage Disposal Many times I have stated that my garbage disposal spits water back at me when used and once someone was to come out and fix this problem, which they apparently did not do. Dishwasher Again I have stated and complained to maintenance that my dishwasher leaks out the bottom, yet nothing has been done about it. Grout When I moved in I continually asked the complex to seal the grout in my kitchen and bathroom. This has not been done and will get dirty if not done. Ceiling Fan Many times I have told them that my fan does not seem to work right. It turns on by itself and I cannot turn it on manually. Another concern I have is that I had locked myself out of my apartment and called to be let in. I was told by them that under policy, which I have never seen, that Alexandria Park Apartments does not do this due to liability. Instead I had to wait in the freezing cold for 2 hours for a locksmith that ended up costing me $89.00. A stranger was not trying to get in, only me into my own apartment. Then I came home one night to find my storage unit broken into and half my stuff gone. The police came and said that the locking mechanism the complex provided was not secure enough, making it easy for theifs to break in. My question is this: If I am paying $2201 a month shouldn't things work in my apartment and be secure? Also, where was the security guards, that the complex is supposed to provide? Anyway, I have a long list of more problems with them. To make it short DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alexandria Park Apartments

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