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Barry Gardens



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
If I were you, the cost u pay is not worth it. It looks all nice and clean in the pictures. But don't judge a book by its cover. You will have the worst experience in your entire life !! This apartment building is infested with termites in many apartments. That's why many units are available now. A month ago many apartment unit had this issue. Building owner and management ignore your request to clean it up when it's all all inside your rooms and clothing and they flew all over your bed! Termites covered ALL over and window cills and the floor is covered in termites. It happens many times when it's hot! The building Mgt DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!! Also in the summer You will see HUGE WATER COCK ROACHES CRAWL UP YOUR DRAIN WHILE TAKING A SHOWER!! Or running across your bed while sleeping! Or if u r in the hot tub, be sure to say hi to your fellow water cock roach! Appliances break down all the time!! Management sends you an invoice for broken old used appliances! Never replaces them. It took weeks! Every fridge in that building especially has issues. Many neighbors complained! Plumbing issues as well many units. Wake up to flooded kitchens! It smelled so bad. It was disgusting !! The building also had a flood. It took weeks to resolve the issue. Mold is creeping everywhere as well. Unsafe for your health !! Also the garage gate to go in always breaks down. If you are going to school or work by car, be sure to know you may not get your car out or in when you come home. And u have to call uber and pay the extra expense! Or walk to the building from a far in the dark because there's no parking outside by the time you come home. There are many street bums on corners. Not a safe area to walk outside at night without being followed especially if u r a woman. My girlfriend was afraid to come visit because there were bums and crazy people around the neighboorhood. Before you sign a lease I would interview as many people in this building. I bet u will find many who r not happy. Management is disgusting. They are very cheap, and very very shady. Every time you call he says I'm in a meeting. Call the building manager. Well the building manager works full time in another job and cannot attend your issues. He's either sick or not home from work yet. So u cannot talk to anyone right away !!
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Barry Gardens

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