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Broadcast Center Apartments



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bumhunter999 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2006
On December 29, police finally arrested a homeless man I've been complaining about for 6 months. He lived in Pan Pacific park, just across from my balcony at Broadcast Center. At night, he'd bang on the lamp post just by my window, and we could usually smell him throughout the day. Management did NOTHING. They wouldn't call the police and treated me like I was an idiot for being bothered. Here's the kicker. The man is now being charged with the murder of Eric Gelman, the 32-year-old man that was stabbed to death as he was walking down OUR STREET from the Grove Mall. Pan Pacific Park is a known hangout for the homeless, and most of the homeless at this park are Vietnam vets with serious mental issues. They are dangerous. Pan Pacific Park, for those of you not familiar with the area, is the park across the street, a stones throw away, from Broadcast Center. Usually, the police will do nothing to silence these bums, because the bums will flash something that says they were in the army, and the police lets them go do whatever they want. Broadcast Center seemed like a nice place to live at first. Then once you move in, you realize you made a big mistake. IT IS NOT WORTH THE RENT!!!!!!!!!! And, it's true, 30% of the apartments here are Section 8 housing. So, not only do you have bums across the street, but you also have to live next to them in the building.
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Broadcast Center Apartments

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