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Chelsea Court Apartments



Resident · 1996 - 2008
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Office Staff
From '96 to '08 there have been good years and bad years. Currently the living is improving: elevator and laundry upgrades, in-building recycling bins, the conversion of a uselessly small store-room into good-sized bike storage, upgrading the roof-top grill. I'm not sure if all the good ideas can be credited to current manager John Swetnam, but he certainly deserves credit for follow-though. Since his arrival, things that get broken get fixed, usually pretty quickly. The building has been lucky to not be near any of the major earthquakes since it's construction, so has never had any major damage. The building sits on the uphill side of the street, and has never had the flooding problems that the west side of the block has. That said, the building has a few drawbacks- -The plumbing requires a major overhaul at least once a year. -Getting side-by-side parking will take years of residency. -The South and West-facing apartments can be very hot unless you're will to spend a significant amount on your monthly A/C bill. - The South and West-facing apartments can be noisy due to street traffic or from the echo-chamber effect of the building opposite. - The North-facing apartments do not have much of a view. - During the rainy season, at least the top floor will have leaks, and hidden plumbing leaks have caused damage from the 5th all the way to the 2nd sometimes. -From August through October, Argentine ants are present anywhere there is water or food, which means less then sterile kitchens and less than arid bathrooms develop tiny caravans. -There are 2 or 3 newer buildings on the same block that offer slightly better amenities for slightly higher prices. All in all, the building is neither the best nor worst on it's block, and it's price per unit is competitive with the neighborhood. As long as the manager remains attentive and professional, this is nice living.
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Chelsea Court Apartments

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