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Circa LA Apartments

1200 S Figueroa

Los Angeles, CA 90015

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Former Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
This is the worst building myself or my girlfriend has ever lived in, we moved out within 5 months of our lease. Within that short amount of time here's a list of the things we experienced. 1. My girlfriends car was broken into while parked on the "secure" level of the 8th floor. Management took $50 off rent and sent a bottle of champagne to our door... the glass was over $2200 to replace. What do we pay $200 for a parking spot and the security guards for? Cherry on top security said "it'll most likely happen again" 2. Security is always on their phones also special shout-out to the guard that hit on my girlfriend and made her feel so uncomfortable that she didn't feel she could walk around the building by herself. 3. Our neighbors were smoking cigarettes in their apartment and after the 3rd time we went to management because the smell was coming through the vents they said they couldn't do anything even tho they were in clear violation of the lease, they moved us and increased our rent (even tho they said they wouldn't) I have asthma so I couldn't stay in our unit. 4. These same neighbors tried breaking into our unit, we witnessed this through our peephole we have a police report 5. Urine splashed all over our balcony from upstairs (see video) 6. My $600 bike (aventon + accessories) was stolen from the "secure" bike area placed directly behind a security post (guard was most likely on their phone) management offered no help 7. They don't recycle and the trash chutes never work. 8. You are charged $40 a month for a trash valet even if you don't use it. 9. The noise level is outrageous all hours of the night, walls are paper thin you can hear conversations with neighbors as well as the commotion on the pool deck. 10. Management took over $1200 out of my girlfriends account and had no idea how it possibly could've happened. They took over 2 months to send her the checks. 11. Black Mold in hallway (photo included) 12. Rumor has it that pornography is being shot in the pent house, this coming directly from someone who lives on that floor and also breaking their lease 13. The "new appliances" are worse than those from Ikea: the dishwasher had a disgusting odor never actually cleaned anything, the counter stained easily, the bottom piece of wood snapped off simply from me closing a cabinet. 14. We have yet to receive our deposit, it's been months. We did feel some relief after speaking to fellow neighbors around our move out day because they were also experiencing problems with circa and were planning on breaking lease. Cherry on top : no free guest parking! UPDATE! After being promised by management that our situation would be looked at and handled fairly circa has contracted us (aggressively) that our list of grievances mean absolutely nothing to them and no reductions would be made. I can promise you that if ANYONE who made that decision went through HALF of our list they would be demanding compensation. Yet when I call to talk about said promises I have to call 3 times not get through to anyone in the leasing department so then I call the front desk who then transfer me to to leasing where i ask to speak to the manager, ----------- who is not available so I leave my name and number and.... nothing. No return call no email.. nothing. I can honestly say my girlfriend and I have ACTIVELY been telling everyone about this place and just how crooked it is. Nothing luxurious about it.
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Circa LA Apartments Manager


Aarongallagher, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve. Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how we can improve. We hope you will consider us again in the future. Take care.

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Circa LA Apartments

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