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Franklin Place Apartments



Resident · 2001 - 2007
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Office Staff
This building used to be nice, clean & friendly not too long ago... well before the Moss & Company property management take over. <br>Their first decision was to take away the recycled (Card board & paper only) dumpster and replaced the trash chute dumpster for a smaller one. After few months of overflowing dumpster & trash everywhere nightmare they finally switched back to the proper initial size dumpster...<br>The manager -------------- is pretty but useless, rude and oblivious. The maintenance of the building is done once a week quickly by an outside cleaning team. The laundry room requires cleaning (wiping of machines etc...) each time prior to use.<br>The elevator now for the past 2/3 weeks has not been working properly. A technician is sent to fix it each time fairly quick. After now his third visit, the elevator is once again out of service.<br>We moved in this building in 2001 managed then by HPG Management. They were not as corporate and pompous as Moss but the maintenance was handled daily, the building was clean and the repairs were made appropriately. <br>We did not have a ROOF RATS problem then. I am not sure we still do have roof rats; exterminators were called but kind of useless because sent to only 1 apartment of the 8 units on the top floor. I have been keeping my door to the roof shut at night since!<br>
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Franklin Place Apartments

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