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Grand Central Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
this is my first apartment on my own and i do feel like i totally lucked out. i have a friend who lives in the building and i always loved coming over to her place, always felt like traveling to a mini new york. so when i was looking for a new place it was the first place i looked and i love my apartment. <br><br>the complex is made up of two buildings that sit next to each other: the homer building (with grand central market on the ground level) and the million dollar (with the million dollar theater on the ground floor, which was just in an episode of ugly betty!). the homer building is 6 floors and the million dollar is 12 (they are attached through the 6th floor). the main difference between the 2 buildings is the homer has an open center with a skylight on the second floor looking down onto the market (it looks quite pretty when it rains). the million dollar has closed hallways with marble floors. the detailing in both buildings is nice. both were built in the early 1900s so there is some nice iron work and marble. the outside of the the buildings are very nice as well.<br><br>parking is ample, it can be a bit annoying with traffic from the market at times, but the parking is included in the price of the rent and is much safer than most you have to pay for at the other complexes around downtown as it features a direct entrance to the complex on the third floor. i see security patrolling it often.<br><br>i live in the homer building on the 2nd floor. the building is really quiet. i have never heard my neighbors (side, or above). some previous reviewers made comments on the lower floors being noisy, but my apartment is rather quite. yes, you can hear street traffic at times, but floors 2 - 5 have thicker windows than 6 and up (in both buildings). my friend lives on the 9th floor and her apartment is much more noisy than mine. when her windows are closed they sound as if they are open.<br><br>half of my apartment has vaulted ceilings in the bedroom and half the living room (i have not seen vaulted ceilings in the million dollar, the floors are shorter than those of the homer building).<br><br>all of the apartments include central heating and air as well as appliances: fridge, microwave (it is small), stove and dishwasher. when i first moved in my freezer broke and my fridge was promptly replaced. the apartment was clean upon move-in, there were a couple of small holes in the wall, but were noted on the lease. there is ample storage space (a full wall closet in the bedroom, another in the living room as well as tons in the kitchen and bathroom) and the apartment is quite large for the price (700 sq feet) a much better deal than at the new complexes downtown. you only pay for electric, water is also included in your rent. my bathroom is huge, which is rare for a one bedroom. the only issue i have is with the plumbing... it is an old building. the main problem i've had is with the toilet, it takes several flushes to actually flush. it's more annoying than anything.<br><br>more and more stores, restaurants, and bars are moving into the neighborhood with the revitalization of downtown. there is a great cafe, cafe cafe just a block away that serves an excellent breakfast and great sandwiches. the market is right downstairs... some of the places are questionable, but the smoothie bar is great. a new bar, redwood has just moved in and although i have yet to make it there, i have heard nothing but great things. the red line is also a block away. it is in great proximity to the freeway, just out on 3rd and you're on the 110, down broadway and you're on the 101. it's great. 4th street is often closed for movie filming... as are many of the streets downtown, so sometimes it takes some navigation to get home, but it's never that bad.<br><br>the apartment complex is kept clean, every morning when i leave for work i see the cleaning staff working very had to keep up the place. they are also always very pleasant. i have never seen roaches or rodents, no bug problems in my apartment other than a spider here and there (about twice in the year and a half i've lived here). the security staff is good, dre being great, always with a sile as you're coming or going. some of the security staff had been rude to my guests... when i first moved in there was confusion on how the guest parking worked, but with the new manager it seems to have been solved. also the rude security guard seems to have moved on. guests do have to pay for parking during the day. you are giving guest parking stickers for their structure tickets that make it free for them to park, as long as they arrive after 6:30 and leave before 7am, otherwise it is $10 (additional charges can be added on if they arrived before 6:30 or leave after 7am. the structure is owned by another company form the apartments and isn;t always clear on their charges. the place does feel very safe. security patrols the complex and monitor who comes in. security must be notified of guests otherwise they will not be let in the building.<br><br>there is also a small gym in the million dollar, several common rooms, vending machines and laundry rooms with the smart card laundry system. the front desk will accept all your packages and security will call you when they arrive.<br><br>grand central square apartments offers a great place to live downtown. yes, there are many new places to live, but they don't offer the quality and price value that grand central does. i really feel like i am not being reamed for what i am getting. downtown isn't back to it's glory yet, so some of the prices around here are rather outrageous, especially when you have to pay $250 for parking on top of your $1300 a month rent for your 365 sq/ft apartment (that was an availability at another downtown complex when i was looking). i would highly recommend living at grand central, i have had only minor issues. i know i pan on being here for a while.
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Grand Central Square Apartments

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