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Grand Central Square Apartments



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pcm4200 • Resident 1999 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 06/18/2007
I lived in the building for five years from 1999-2004. While it does have a few draw backs, a long walk from the parking garage to your unit in Homer Laughlin Building for example. When traffic was a problem - it was always easy to hop on a train and go virtually anywhere in Southern California. The two connected Apartment Buildings are above Pershing Square Red Line Station. I found the management company to be very efficient and unlike many apartments, gave good service to tenants - not just trying to rent to new people. We had the same cleaning and maintenance crew the entire time I lived there. They were always friendly, and would go out of their way to fix a problem. I agree with the plumbing problems in the Homer Laughlin Building. I lived on the top floor and water pressure was a trickle. Toilets would occasionally back up, but maintenance was quick to fix it. It can be tricky to have guests, there is plenty of parking, but as stated - you must either be out by an early hour, or purchase parking. The parking deck does get busy at times on weekdays by monthly parking patrons, and then weekends by Central Market Shoppers. But, if you keep going up, there are upwards of 8-10 levels to park on.... with high speed elevators taking you back down to the apartment level. Parking lot is VERY SECURE! I've lived several places downtown, and this isn't always the case. For instance, after hours lot was closed to hourly parking, thus you had a swipe card to raise the gate. After driving into structure, if you spent too much time they'd dispatch someone to make sure you didn't need help. The security company the apartment building used switched multiple times, I'm sure due to yearly contracts with outside companies. That could get tricky, because one day you knew each and every security guard, and they knew you by name. Without asking, they handed you your Fed-Ex's, packages when walking by front desk, knew your guests, etc. Then, the next day, the security company would change, without warning - and you had to learn a whole new staff, and they had to figure out who you were. I was on the top floor so no noise above, and only one apartment shared a wall. Depending on the tenant, you could hear music, loud tv, with the common wall. But, for the most part I heard very little and found the building to be very solid. My unit (studio in Homer Laughlin) was about 600 SqFt, looked much bigger because of the High Ceilings (20ft ?), Flooring - original tile (1920's) w/a mix of carpet. Huge bathroom, Small Kitchen, Large Mirrored Closet, Storage Closet in Entry Hall and Floor to Ceiling Windows looking out towards Bunker Hill. Small Gym with sauna in main building, laundry rooms on each floor and easy elevator and stair access. With TV - I was stuck with Comcast, per historic building; no satellites were permitted. Not much outside street noise on my side of the building, I heard from friends Broadway St side was noisy. However, as most places in LA we had helicopter noise and on occasion the noisy movie being filmed in the area would keep you up. Very Pet Friendly, our floor had several dogs of all sizes. No problem. Management did indeed raise your rent a bit every year. In fact, I'd say in 5 years - 35% rise for me. But, still was very affordable. I've rented in a few of the larger Bunker Hill Apartment Buildings - none compared. The service, staff, convenience of market below, Red-Line Access, Historic design, and secure feeling at Grand Central Apartments made all the hassles noted above seem fairly insignificant. I'd highly recommend these to anyone who is going to be living downtown.
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Grand Central Square Apartments

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