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Hampshire Place Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I am not at all impressed with living in this apartment building. It is a noisy and unsafe neighborhood. There is a government parking garage across the street that starts banging away and making all sorts of noise early in the morning and the nights are filled with noisy neighbors, sirens, car alarms, helicopters flying over-head, honking. Just last night a large black man was yelling and carrying on outside the building and honking his car horn incessantly and then proceeded to throw small rocks at the building which were hitting my sliding glass door and bedroom window. Needless to say I called 911 and reported the issue. The poor manintenance guys are working hard to keep the apartments in working order, I'll give them credit for that...our apartment has had numerous problems - broken toilet on the first day in the apartment, water seeping into the bedroom and living room through cracks in the stucco of the building, water under the sink in the bathroom which ruined some of my things, water leaking around the faucet of the bathroom sink, shower-head pulling away from the wall, dishwasher in kitchen spitting out water and flooding the kitchen, gum on the carpet when we moved in, no silverware container in the dishwasher, the pans in the stove were the wrong size causing a pot or pan placed on the stove to sit at a 45 degree angle...hmm...is that everything. I'm sure I missed something! Oh & we have 2 parking spots, but they are tandem (one person parked directly behind the other) which is a major pain in the butt! Forgot one thing...the hot tub that they show you when you are getting the our of the building is a cold tub...doesn't heat up or work! In addition, one of the washers in the laundry room only uses hot water...you can't chose cold wash...made my clothes very wrinkled and I don't dry most of my clothing...usually hang to dry! The tenants leave their garbage sitting around in front of the garbage shute quite regularly and it smells. Then, I've also had problems with getting packages delivered and having UPS drop them off and they get stolen. Overall, my best recommendation is to stay away from this apartment building! For the price you pay and what you get...not worth it! I feel bad for the maintenance guys and leasing office staff because they are all nice people, but have a noisy, unsafe neighborhood to rent in and the building is very old and obviously there are water problems...almost every issue we've had is water-related!
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Hampshire Place Apartments

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