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Hampshire Place Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
The apartment I had here was very cozy & spacious, but living here was awful. My apartment that I rented faced S Berendo. There were homeless people constantly hanging around the exits, yelling loudly at all hours of the night, leaving piles of human feces & puddles of urine by the exit doors, & you could even see them doing drugs. They would also leave needles & other drug paraphernalia around. Don't expect the police to do anything & also don't expect grounds security to do anything about it. Your complaints will go completely ignored. The water was shut off constantly w/and w/out notice. The pool, which was conveniently located above the parking garage, leaked into the garage & onto my car. The chemicals from it ruined the paint on my car & i had to file a claim w/the company that took too long to resolve. I found bullets (yes, gun bullets) in the elevator once. The laundry rooms had the wrong pipes hooked up to the washer, so when you thought you were washing your clothes in cold water, it ended up being extremely hot. I lost over $100 in clothes because of this & was compensated only $10. It took maintenance for the washing machines 3 times to fix this. 2 times they came in saying it was fixed when nothing was done. Also, one day the tubes supplying the water to the washers became disconnected & the whole washing area was flooded. Grounds maintenance wouldn't even come to clean it up & make sure everything was safe, they just advised to call the people in charge of the washing machines. The mail boxes for the Berendo addresses were constantly broken into. The complex advised it was not their problem and the post office needed to fix it. They advised that I call the post office, not them. There was a problem with the wiring to the building fire alarm, that would go off on random multiple times during the week and at all hours. When it first happened, they blamed someone for pulling the alarm, they ran out of excuses after it happening 5 and more times, in which it became a, "We're working on fixing it." This went on for months. They supposedly have their own security people watching over the building after hours. This was a joke. They do not come to the building unless called. Multiple complaints about noisy neighbors did nothing. Once a smoke detector was going off all night in someone's apartment. Because there was no smoke, it took me a while to figure out where the alarm sound was coming from. Concerned, security never showed up after 3 hours of calling them. When calling them for the 5th time, I was advised they couldn't get a hold of anyone with keys to get into the apartment. Annoyed & concerned, the police were called. They showed up (which is rare in that area) after 30 minutes, got right into the place, found out the harsh smells from painting the place were making the alarm go off. Found out because of that, that when smelling something all week in my apartment like turpentine & making me sick, that's what it was from. People would wait outside the garage, go in when someone else would open the gates & park illegally. If someone was in your assigned spot, good luck getting the vehicle towed. It won't happen.
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Hampshire Place Apartments

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