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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 1999 - 2006
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Office Staff
Move in at your own risk! Living in this building is like the movie "The Money Pit", except it never ends until you move out. Renting one of these apts is akin to buying a fixer-upper home --- you are the ONLY person you can count on to take care of EVERYTHING that goes wrong, and many, many things go wrong in this building. The owners are absolutely unreachable, the manager seems nice but is actually a huge tease - he will tell you everything you want to hear and then do absolutely nothing. The maintenance is a total joke - but know that these people are screwed as well, over a barrel because they can't afford to move out and they are given NO MONEY for upkeep. Which might make you feel kind of sad until you start to experience mass pest infestations (New York style), the joys of plastic plumbing pipes, almost monthly "water shutoffs", and general hazardous conditions which would not be out of place in a slum - oh wait, this IS a slum, and it's run by a creepy, sleazy slumlord who says his name is "Mike" (but who really knows for sure?!). Sometimes it seems like they shut the water off (and the boiler) to save money, because this is a free-utilities building. Which seems great until you realize that they enter your apartment whenever they feel like it, whether you are home or not, whether you have requested repairs or not, and if you mention the illegality of this you are threatened with eviction for "causing trouble"! It is indeed very sad that the city does not take more interest in its historic buildings, because this could be great IF it was run correctly. Running an apartment building correctly includes but is not limited to : repairs and service jobs completed by certified workers who know what they are doing and not raising rabbits for sale and consumption in the courtyard.
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Havenhurst Apartments

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