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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2007
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Great place if you like the atmosphere just south of the border! 1. Don't stand still or you might end up like one of the fifty coats of paint on the walls....and you never know what color you might be this week. 2. Gargage area is inside the building and has distinct stench, is roach infested and often overflows with trash piled up all over the floor. 3. Security door from the outside to the courtyard is protected by a bathroom style door knob and lock. What Security!!! 4. Illegals living with maintenace and sleeping outside is a great addition! 5. Cock roach infestation from the garage to the fourth floor. Sure they will spray an individual apartment, but the entire building is infested (the courtyard also abounds with American Cockroaches). 6. Double standards exist for those with Spanish as thier first language. 7. Sprinklers and hose cleaning run all the time in the courtyard, wasting precious water resources for landscaping that was bought at a Home Depot Garden Center Close Out Sale. 8. No water shut-offs in the building, so when one apartment or pipe needs attention the entire building gets water shut off. 1-2 times a month. 9. Charlie Chaplin in no way owned this building so dont believe that history. If he walked by it he would have kept on walking. Posters and pictures of him in the pine and plastic frames are not originals but purchased at Big Lot! Don't be a fool and even consider this building if you want to keep your sanity.
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Havenhurst Apartments

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