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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2009
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Office Staff
Don't believe everything you hear. It's a fact, when it comes to review boards, people are more highly motivated to complain and write discriminatory reviews than they are to write positive reviews. And there are ALWAYS disgruntled tenants in every building who are more than willing to bring down the reputation of a residency because of their own personal problems with an isolated situation in their apartment. Like any other building built in the 1920s (that's about 90 years old!) it won't be as pristine as those god awful apartment buildings without a trace of character and appeal, with their sterile paper thin white walls and stainless steel counter tops. That's not to say it isn't clean or well kept or the like. It is in fact very clean grounds. The building manager Omar and maintenance guy Elin are ALWAYS sweeping, mopping, and doing everything possible on every floor of the building to make certain all is in tip top shape. The fact that they are themselves Latino has no bearing on their ability to care for the building. Previous posts have made ignorant comments on this and frankly what does it matter what their culture or ethnic background is. It's racist and quite irrelevant. This is a multi-cultured residential building in a very multi-cultural city, so there is no room for intolerance of this kind. I have lived in this building for 4 years and have moved many friends in. I don't plan on moving out anytime soon because I know I'll never find a building or apartment so unique as mine. It takes someone who appreciates the uniqueness and history of a building this age to also take with it it's nuances. Cockroach problem? I haven't seen any. Roaches congregate where food is left out all the time and where uncleanliness is a habit of some. If you wash your dishes, take out your trash, and clean your apartment, there would and should not be bug issues. And the building's management has taken innumerable steps to make the building more green and energy efficient. Overall, like any other building I've lived in, this one has it's quirks, but there are so many more redeeming qualities that those small things don't seem to matter. For goodness sakes, it's 90 years old, you wouldn't be looking as good and functioning half as well as this building if you were the same age!
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Havenhurst Apartments

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