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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2010
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First and foremost I have absolutely NOTHING to gain by writing this review other than to protect a building I see being nurtured back to its old glory and all the time and the sweat it really takes to do in such a town that loves all things NEW NEW NEW. I can speak from a different perspective because ironically I lived here 13 years ago back in 1997 when Arnold was the manager, the only reason I moved out when I did back then was because i was a talent agent at the time and I got transferred to NYC....back then the courtyard was not to be walked on because of the vermin as well as the fact it looked like a hay field with no water and a bunch of broken statues...but even then it had a charm about it as a view only....NOW it is unreal how much work they have put into it...green green grass...original tile work...original fountains restored and working...tons of seating (and I mean nice wooden chaise and high quality stuff like that..not plastic crap from Walmart) and probably a lot cleaner than most courtyard cafe's...it also now has a new gas grill and a big tented area to have parties....truly great to see people actually taking use of it as well. Ironically and perhaps a little spooky I ended up renting the EXACT same apt I lived in 13 years ago...did not plan it...just happened that way. Well I could not be happier with the "new and improved" Havenhurst even though, I would have taken a place even if it was still the way it was because the inside of the building was always nice. But as you see with the renewed lobby and finished floors throughout the ENTIRE bldg that this is a special place and they will not stop until everything is perfect. You see this is the kind of place you live if you respect history and understand that you are living in the closest thing to a New York Pre-War Building West of the Mississippi. Yes- there are 30 coats of paint and windows that get stuck and sometimes the Elevator takes a little while to get you where you want to go but...THIS IS ALL PART OF THE CHARM...if you want "sleak" go live at the Grove or one of the million Box Apartment buildings built in the 60's and 70's you see all through Hollywood and West Hollywood....you will be much happier their...but prepare to spend a lot more money and absolutely NO charm. In fact most of us residents would prefer you live somewhere else rather than constantly complaining and stating the obvious...that the building is old. That is why most of us are here. Not to mention the stellar care you get from the onsite managment...Omar who is the Residential Manager is always around and if he is not in his office with the door welcomely open at all times then he is fixing something that has come to his attention. I have never waited more than 24 hours on a request I have made. And Omar's staff of workers are also some of the nicest people you will meet....always willing to offer a helping hand if your hands are full and always greet you with a smile and very respectful. A lot of the reviews may have some validity to them but most sound like people who will never be happy and would complain if they were staying in the penthouse at The Chateu Marmount. SO in closing I thank goodness for places like The Havenhurst which have people behind it that truly appreciate its historical signifigance and did not decide to just tear it down for a flashy EXPENSIVE Condo house. Oh and BTW the neighborhood ESPECIALLY compared to 13 years ago is AWESOME...totally gentrified and safe with lots of great stores, cafes and yes a Starbucks in quick walking distance. The residents mostly fall into the ones who have been here forever and could be considered quirky (but totally fun) and then the newer younger generation of a lot of actors, writers, below the line and all in between...single, married, gay and straight. All in all a great place to live. And again I am only a resident who pays just as much rent as anyone else so please I hope you take this review seriously and do not blow it off because you think it is a ghost writer from the leasing office because I really am just a normal guy who feels he needs to protect this Historic building and the wonderful people who have made it possible. Good luck on your search and hopefully you will only consider the havenhurst if you love Art, history and certain nuiannces that are hard to find these days. BTW did I mention the rooftop views......
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Havenhurst Apartments

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