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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 2002 - 2010
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SO lets be honest, this is a part of Hollywood history,and as such should be condemned and only shown as a museum piece or tourist trap. So here goes.... Manager is Omar, and as much as I like the guy, I think we have a serious language barrier or he is lead by a management team that deserves jail time. If it is still accurate is it a guy named Mike, who is only around to break promises and lie. 1920's building where the water is off several times EVERY MONTH. I had a flood of sorts from an upper apartment about a year back at 4AM. 9 months of water damage had passed until the annual inspection, then Viola, when the state inspectors are due, i am told we must fix your apartment now..I delat with it and got some sort of thrid world patch job to hide the damage, not truly repaired by any means, it must not take much to pass an inspection. Four years ago, I arrive home to find my apartment covered in a HEAVY plaster dust covering, dried plaster in my new furniture and my Bose speakers destroyed because this dust cant be removed. I have four ungodly holes patched in my living that to this day, four years later have not been repaired...I had to buy new furniture...but thnak god that the whole where at least patched, this keeps out the unusually large roaches that infest this place. Forget about any sort of preventative maintenance, they will never pay to have the building protected against thee critters, not to mention personal service in the units. THese things are everywhere from the garage to the laundry rooms. As to the garage, you have to pay for monthly parking, no big deal, it is kind of in a city, so I get it. What I dont get is why the concrete ceiling continues to leak through dripping on my car leaving extremely difficult to remove lime stains.I finally broke thorugh the language barrier and got them to hang some plastic on the ceiling to capture the stalagtites developing on the garage floor and subsequently my car...They only covered half the space, so depending on which way i park, it doesnt help the other end of the car, repeated attempts to get them to complete he project 4 years later are still unsuccessful. Some units have newer windows, and some not. The noise, black dirt and filth and everyday annoyance of thundering trucks and traffic is unbearable, yes even after 8 years. I had been requesting another apartment to get away from this, and have been waiting patiently. I was excited last year as a unit opened up on the other side of the building, I was exccited that the more invasive of the problems would soon be a thing of the past. After being promised the unit, I arranged for the movers, placed a deposit for service, and two days before the move, I asked for the keys...Oh, wait, we rented that to an employee of the company that owns the building...Hmm, an employee takes priority over an 8 year resident...unreal...and to make it worse, a year later they still send me deliquent notice for the $65.00 deposit I paid for the movers...yes, I stood my ground on this one, and despite many conversations with Mike and Omar, I still get random notices about a past due balance. So I insisted on a statement showing a zero balance...just so I could have something...and I STILL receive these notices... Five years back I had my racing bike in my car. The car was broken into which is in the "secure" garage. When I inquire into the video from the two camera in the garage, go figure, they are fake... So I continue to live in filth, roaches, lack of heat, crazy loud noise, irresponsible management, theft, insecurity and everythign else that you may ask yourself, why are you still there then? Personally, it was a promise to myself, that I would not move until I bought a house, I am close, and this is almost over, but I write to ensure others dont make the same mistake. On June 14th of this year, we get notice that the one and only elevator in the building was being upgraded and would be out for 6 week. A mere month and a half, I was excited, because the elevator as it were, when it worked, could kill you with the door. May times older resident would wait for a younger resident to show up just to get the door open. Well, as you might expect, 6 weeks came and went and turned into 4 1/2 months, of course all guess work as there is no communication. Now the thing is back, and they have again hired some irresponsible contractor to finish the interior, who days have changed 3 times in one week...you cant schedule a delivery or get anything done...it is horrendous! Now the door code...one might read this and think there is no security, you are not far from the truth..the appearance of security is evident, but it by no means is secure...the garage door stay tied open for days at a time, the side is rarely secured...and the front door code is changed often (good right?) but you never know what it is..I have asked Omar for some simple solutions, print the new code and drop it in the mailboxes, to which he has the master key, collect everyones email, and actually try to communicate..so you are constantly waiting on deliveries, which when delivered , you have to hike down four or five flights of stairs to receive..whats the purpose of delivery if you have to walk a block to get to the front door after flights of stairs... I am on my way out, but I write today to warn those to beware of the Swelgroup, the operators of this and many other building in the LA area. The management is downright dangerous, deceptive, dishonest and from my point of view, do not value the customers that are indeed the ones that keep their business going. Let me go spray some more Raid, but not too much to harm my little dog...deal with the noise, and tranquilize myself to get a decent nights sleep...because as you may or may not know, Franklin Avenue is the Bus route for the shuttles that run to the hollywood bowl, and the roar past your window, and rev their engines as the building is on a hill. Instead of just putting on their brakes, they rev the motor as hey wait in the traffic. I am so absolutely amazed that a place can be run like this in the United States, I am keeping my promise to myself and when the right home is found, I will never need to deal with the ignorance of a management team like this again...I will leave the death trap that is the entrance to the parking garage alone, the unstoppable broken water pipes, and the truly third world maintenance that is passed on a real repair work....and know that I read this back I am really proud of myself for keeping my promise to myself...after all why should we as renters be inconvenienced with the frustration of a move because the management are liars...we shouldn't! Steer clear, there are many other comparable options at comparable rates that actually have more than 4 power outlets in an entire apartment.
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Havenhurst Apartments

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