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Havenhurst Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2009
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i used to live in the havenhurst years back. now i live in downtown. sirens every 20 minutes amplify into my 14th floor bachelor. i also hear certifiably insane people shouting at the voices in their heads down on the street. there is a deafining "boom" sound. was it a gun? a firework? why is a lady screaming? oddly enough i don't here the sirens responding to that incident. a month ago an undercover cop shot a homeless man for no reason. people get mugged. people try to sale me crack. could this be the goings-ons of a bad neighborhood? whitley ave? "bad" neighborhood? omar? a "criminal"? where did you people come from? the buildings are old, there are roaches, and parking sucks in hollywood in general. LA has no room for cry-babies. your mommy isn't here to fix your breakfast in the morning, and daddy isn't here to fix your bicycle. what you get instead is a friendly,soft spoken, mexican landlord who doesn't mind if you are late with rent from time to time. seriously, suck it up. that being said, i spent close to 4 wonderful years there, and i would go back in a second. (but only if the whiners disappear)
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Havenhurst Apartments

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