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Hollywood Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
I moved to LA 3 years ago for a job and moved into Hollywood place because units were available immediately.<br><br>To date I have given these pathetic people:<br>$60,930.00!! YES YOU READ IT RIGHT! $60,930.00.<br><br>I am so busy and out of town often I have endured it but my lease just expired and they raised my rent over $200.00. I refuse to let them take advantage of me anymore. <br><br>Please read for my take on Hollywood Place after living there for 3 years:<br><br>1)Advertised as luxury apartments...there is absolutely nothing luxurious about this place, it's cheap and falling apart. The sign that says Newly Renovated was there when I moved in 3 years ago!<br><br>2)For the rent I pay I expect to be treated with dignity and kindness from the office staff...and I was up until I signed the lease.<br><br>3)Dogs and dog feces everywhere....in the elevators, the parking garage and the grounds. I have actually stepped in poop coming out of my 2500.00 a month apartment twice now and once when I stepped out of my car in the garage.<br><br>4)Security is a joke, I have personally witnessed the car next to mine with it's windows smashed out, cars have actually been stolen from the garage.<br><br>5)You will get this annoying bill it seems like every day from something called the utility billing service asking for 20.00 for...... utilities I still to this day have no idea what this is.<br><br>6)If you are as much as 2 days past due expect a strongly worded notice taped to your door demanding payment or get out.<br><br>My opinion on Hollywood Place and Stratus Real Estate is that they could care less about anything other than money. There are plenty of properties within minutes of this building that are $300.00-$800.00 cheaper, many are much nicer.<br><br>Do not wast a single moment of your time on this place, turn and run. Current residents, I suggest you move out, I sure as heck am.
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Hollywood Place

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