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I moved here in September 2020 when the building was only at 30% capacity. Obviously, a lot of things have changed since then. The building is now more than 70% capacity. I completely understand that as the building becomes more occupied, that more issues and complaints may arise. Regardless, It would be nice if Linea had more staff to accommodate the existing tenants. When you view the Linea property, it is beautiful and stunning. Everything is clean and the staff is super pleasant. When you are a potential tenant, the Linea office appears to be lovely. They constantly smile and tell you that if you need anything, they are happy to help. However over the 10 months of living here, the staff has been consistently lacking in their efforts to assist the community with issues and complaints. Now, it is clear that the office only wants to fill the building to capacity for business and profiting purposes. Once you've signed the lease, suddenly the staff is less helpful and unwilling to accommodate you. Lydia, initially helped me move into a studio. She was helpful at showing me multiple studios, however she was really unorganized with paperwork and the rest of the move in process. She never collected an initial deposit and was lagging on sending me a leasing agreement. i didn't even sign my lease until days after I moved in. Also, the day of my move in, she wasn't even in the office. We specifically scheduled a time in the morning where we could do my walk through together and I could get my keys. I had to text her to find out where she was. I was sitting downstairs waiting on her with my moving crew and boxes, which were getting paid by time. She was 30 minutes late and we never even did the walk through b/c I was rushing to get my things moved into the studio. I never made a complaint about this until now, b/c once I moved in I did not have to deal with staff. Once I moved in, my studio was so lovely and quiet. Despite the fact that I moved during quarantine and all amenities were closed off, I loved that there were barely any tenants. I also loved feeling like I lived in a hotel with concierge. It fell really special. As more tenants moved in, obviously noise increased. I had a few issues where I had to call down to the office b/c tenants were blasting music and smoking week at 4am on a Sunday morning. One of the 3 times I filled a complaint, the office responded and addressed the issue and noise level was better temporarily Fast forward to May friend and I are looking to move into a 2 bedroom. Lydia, initially is very prompt and attentive in helping us find a unit. She was aware that I was still in a studio and told me that it would be no problem and I would not incur any fees. She made it sound like I could move into a 2 bedroom seamlessly. We find a 2 bedroom that we like and suddenly the communication with her is lacking. It takes days to respond to find out pricing for different monthly leasing options. When we finally settle on a 16 month leasing agreement, she keeps telling us that she will send us an email and never does it. We kindly remind her through text and email multiple times and her response is either that she will do it and even one time stated, "Oh you haven't received it yet?". One week before our move in we still have no leasing agreement and have only put down a deposit. DAYS BEFORE OUR MOVE IN DATE.... I kindly remind her via text if she could email us a leasing agreement. Her response: " Sorry, I'm no longer with LINEA but my leasing manager Dangelo will send today" Wow....okay. When I speak to Dangelo over the phone, he is very sweet over the phone and tells me he will take care of everything and to see him in the office that week. I go into the office as directed and he's out of the office b/c he had an emergency. So then I speak to Jason, who tells me that our pricing for our leasing agreement is incorrect and that Lydia calculated everything wrong and that our real monthly rent should be a couple hundred more and that I should be fined thousands of dollars for breaking my existing leasing agreement. Naturally, I'm floored by his statements. I can't believe that there is no paperwork from Lydia showing our leasing agreement before she left the job. Luckily, I show him all the correspondence with Lydia proving the exact pricing that was agreed upon. Jason tells me that he has to get approval from his manager before moving forward My roommate and I decide to go into the office on our lunch breaks the day before our move in to speak to Dangelo and Jason and explain our situation. Again, they make me screen shot and send all of my correspondence with Lydia before Dangelo finally approves to our initial agreement. Finally!! We are so grateful that they were able to accommodate! They kindly ask us multiple times for a review for how they dealt with our issue. Of course, we're happy with the situation so we write a nice review for them. Jason assigns us our parking. He gives us a few options for tandem and individual parking. We have so much stuff to unpack, we ask him if we can take a tandem spot in the back for the mean time. We ask him if we can try out the parking for the next couple of weeks and change the parking if it doesnt work out. He tells us, of course. Just let me know and we can work something out. So this is where I have a problem with this office.... staff will tell you one thing and then easily take it back or dismiss you later on. So the tandem parking is very far from building 2. I leave the apartment at 5am every week day to start my shift at the hospital. I get nervous walking by myself to the back end of the parking lot, especially after reading the yelp review of someone getting held at gunpoint. If we had known that the parking was set in stone, we would've taken more time to agree on a spot. We ask Jason via email if we can upgrade to individual parking. His response is that he cannot reassign us a parking spot and hell have to get manager approval. Mind you, we drive through the parking structure a few times a day and see the SAME EXACT SPOTS open every single night and day. Its hard to believe that they cant help us find another parking spot. We patiently wait a few weeks b/c we understand that the parking is not an urgent matter. We go into the office again and the front staff informs us that per Dangelo, he does not deal with parking and that we may only go to Rachel and Chad. They give me Rachels email. We go back and forth for a week and she dismisses my question to set an appointment with her to discuss parking options. We go to the office this past Sunday and we bring up that weve noticed 2 spots have been free the entire 7 weeks we have lived here so far (One of the spots being my old parking spot from the first studio I lived in before). We ask if there is anyway we could speak to Rachel to discuss parking options. She happens to walk in from her lunch break and tells us that she will call us as soon as she is done. We never get a phone call from her and we go to the office a second time one hour later. She refuses to see us and tells the front desk that the parking spots we were interested in were assigned to new tenants yesterday and there are ZERO options for parking because nothing is available. This is how the linea staff conducts itself. They dont care at all about existing tenants. They only focus on making sure the building has enough tenants to generate income. Your wellbeing is not their concern at all. Frankly, I am so livid and frustrated with the Linea office. I cant stand how they conduct themselves. Ive been a good tenant, who has paid on time and has been quiet. Long story short, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.


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    Hello, thank oyou so much for your honest feedback. Linea has a new management team and we are work hard to provide a fantastic experience to everyone. It's discouraging to see that you had a negative experience in the past. We would really like to speak with you more regarding this matter. Please reach out to us at (424) 365-0884. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Linea Apartments

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