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Modera West LA

5901 Center Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90045



Resident · 2019 - 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Unfortunately, these would be one of the worst apartments I lived in (this is our 7th month) !! The least customer-oriented company I have ever seen!! They are sooo far away from what they claim to be. First and foremost, absolutely disrespectful and rude staff. In particular, leasing consultant Alberto Ramirez with very sassy comments addressing an issue where yes, I was in the fault, but talking to me aggressively and rude. There are always ways to solve and especially address issues in a respectful way especially when we are paying a lot of money for high quality service at a luxury apartment complex. When we came to speak to someone at the leasing office to address an issue I'm mentioning here later, they later left a letter on our doorsteps in which they mentioned that us coming to communicate our issue "caused disruption to their business operations". Because of the people that work here, the community they attract is not a community at all. No one says hi in the hallways and yes these are small things but they do matter. There is no feeling of home! Second, we had a big problem with parking when we asked to get two parking spots for our two-bedroom, they gave us two spots but they are tandem. I have videos proving that at least 55% of spots in the complex are actually open but they kept denying giving us tandem spots and for the price we are paying here there is no customer service and support at all in resolving the issue. I would understand if the building would be full but until it is full they could just be understanding and help their residents. So we have to use tandem spots when they have ten spots next to us completely vacant. They are also hiring a 24-hour towing company starting next week to come and tow any cars that aren't in their spots, these measures are quite hostile and they keep rubbing that information in our faces, like "it's out of our control now". Very unprofessional and just horrible atmosphere in the building. The inside of the apartments and the pool are quite nice but again we were lied about the 405 noise, that you can actually really hear. I have lived in an amazing apartment complex nearby called Harlow Culver City which is at the same price point and the community of respectful, kind, understand and amazing people, I really wish I could have found a roommate in time to stay there. So I would really recommend looking at that complex instead!!
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Modera West LA

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