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Pacific Electric Lofts



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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I have lived here since 9/2006 and I like it here. I have had a few issues, but nothing so bad as to want to move out. I can walk to Ralphs and a gourmet pet shop. There are new cafes and restaurants- the residents are friendly, the rent is good for the amenities and the square footage of the lofts. it s a great place to live. I can only offer my experiences to you about the problems some people have brought up. First off, I have been fortunate to not actually be bothered by most of the pool parties. I ve never made complaints or called the police. During summertime, my windows are closed with the air on I don t hear anything. When you sleep with your windows open- you get use to the noise- parties, sirens, helicopters, etc. There was only one time I was really annoyed by a party- I was woken up at 2 or 3am to girls screaming and music blaring, but that was about a year ago. I personally have never had a party on the pool, but I can understand why people want to. We have a great pool area with cabanas, grills; etc- people want to bring their friends here. As for maintenance, I definitely have had issues- at one point one floor had 1 washer and no dryers working!! It took about 7 months before all of the washers and dryers were fixed, but now another floor has several washers not working. People are also throwing their garbage and dog poop in the laundry room trash can- I have also seen people leaving their stinky garbage outside of their door for days at a time. Other than that- I haven t had any problems with any of the appliances- the air conditioning, heater- nothing. My AC has a filter that needs to be replaced, but I haven t put in a work order. Management has never really been an issue with me because I don t complain about parties, I don t have maintenance issues- there really no reason for me to talk to them. I didn t resign my lease for 3 months, but it was no big deal- when I did, my rent was increased by only $20. A couple months ago I was double charged for my rent. I gave them a check on the 30th, and they proceeded to cash that check and take out my rent under their debit program, which I never signed up for. I went to speak with them as soon as I discovered their error when I was online paying bills. I was told the issue was to be resolved within a week. A month later- I hadn t been reimbursed so I had to negotiate to have that money used for the next months rent. I was very lucky to have extra money in my savings because an extra months rent is a lot of money. Parking has gotten better since the manager changed the parking passes and threatened to tow cars without the proper permit (although I have never seen a tow truck here). People were taking up as many spaces as they wanted for all of their cars. Recently I have gotten home around 10pm-2am and there were still a few parking spaces in the basement; six months ago there would be no parking and you d have to leave your keys with the attendants. The parking attendants do let your friends park here- but they have to be out by midnight. People can always park at the lot across the street for $5, they just have to be gone before the attendants get there in the morning (I think you have until 5am)- or they ll charge you for another day. You must understand that living in a loft downtown is going to be a completely different atmosphere and experience then living in a suburb. There will be parties, there will be noise and we are close to USC and FIDM which provide a lot of college kids. These kids tend to feel like they can do whatever they want because management doesn't enforce the rules of the bldg. Once management gets their act together everyone would be happier. I'm holding out because I think the new manager is sick of all the crap.
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Pacific Electric Lofts

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