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Pacific Electric Lofts



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
This place could have been great. It's really nice that it's a historic building, but they didn't do much with it and they don't maintain it well. The renovations they've done are nice on the surface, but are actually really cheap. And resident common areas like the roof, lounge and gym aren't kept up and are in a constant state of disrepair. That is largely due to the partiers here who keep the rest of the residents from enjoying the amenities here. The management has improved in the time I've been here, but they are still not as proactive as dealing with the problems as they should be. Security is still a problem, even from within the building. The dog run is often gross and smelly. Parking is woefully inadequate since they rent out the spaces to the public. And noise is still a problem. But management will have you believe they are on top of all the issues, yet nothing changes. I consider the rash of sudden positive reviews on this board highly suspect and likely to have come from the management. Yes, the lofts are quite large and reasonably priced. But after living here for a while, it becomes painfully obvious why the price is low. It is also a beacon for college kids who stack seven or so of themselves into one loft and then act like it's the dorms. There is a *community* in the building who will visciously defend their right to make noise and carry on such. And they will attack you for not participating as if you are an enemy of the state. So if you're looking for that sort of thing, this is your place. In retrospect, I would have gladly spent more money to live some place nicer, with more adults in the building. This really does seem to be the low end of apartments downtown. In my recent search, managers at other buildings express sympathy that I live here because they have heard the stories about the PE Lofts.
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Pacific Electric Lofts

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