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Park La Brea Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
I have posted some comments on this thread you can see for details but here are the basics, to review what other posters have said here. I live in a garden apartment, and do to roaches and noise and parking, i would not recommend that you even consider one of the towers, so my comments all pertain to an experience with the gardens.<br><br>1) leasing agents--not to be trusted. will lie and leave you in a bad position once you have signed a lease. Try an experiment: read the posts here and then ask the questions of the agent, such as, do I have to pay to use the pool, or what does it cost to have covered parking? It may be harsh to say that they're all liars, but lets just say that twisting the truth is encouraged. Incompetent.<br><br>2) management--upper management is inaccessible by design. Mostly incompetent and seem under-educated, but they limit all contact with tennants by using temp worker flunkies. Rumors that they post on this board to inflate the ratings are disturbing, but believable.<br><br>3) service dept. will get most things fixed eventually, but will struggle with any repair that requires competence and forethought. example: roof leaking for two years never properly fixed. Will loose many of your maintenence requests. PLB do replace faulty appliances easily, but probably out of laziness more than concern. Maybe better on the whole than most rental properties, but takes some effort to get them to fix things correctly.<br><br>4)Parking. An eternal nightmare. they have tried to remedy, but common sense is not evidenced by their attempts. I think private spots are the best bet, but tack on at least $50 to your rent. Tickets are given capriciously, and are hard to fight.<br><br>5) Quiet. at best, you will have to deal with screaming unattended children everyday outside your window from dawn till dusk. this is very aggravating, as your rent will also be used to provide kid free parks which parents will eschew in favor of your backyard. Courtyards are echo chambers and folks just love to have all their phone conversations under your window. If allergic to cigarette smoke, watch out.<br><br>6)Laundry. Price gauging private company runs by fiat. Prices higher for working stiffs.<br><br>7) security. nice to have, but hard to tell if they work other than perhaps as deterrant. For example, in my experience, they will wave in any visitor with a good story past gate. Not promising for security.<br><br>Main problem: Management does not seem to care to improve.<br><br>Main benefit: may be better than next option in LA, it all depends on what you are willing to put up with.<br><br>good luck.
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Park La Brea Apartment

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