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Reviewed 11/17/2006
The piero is great, but I wish I was more smart about the location of my room. Downtown is noisy, it's a given, but there are options. If you plan on staying there awhile choose a room that faces the fountains, the pool, or the city (110 frwy). It costs more, but worth it. <br>Apts Facing wilshire= loud noises of cars entering the piero garage at all hours and it faces a small parking area for a nearby business. Not to mention the huge paper shredding truck that starts it's engines at 7am...it's really loud! I can hear it from my apt and I'm on a different side of the building. .<br>Apt facing St Paul= This side is bad! You will hear the sounds of the 110, sirens from the ambulances (hospital 1 block away), buses running up 6th st 24/7, and the occasional helicopter filming a highway chase. Not to mention it faces a 3 story parking structure and another pay lot. I wake up to the sounds of car alarms everyday at 6:30am. The parking lot across the street is frequently used for movie sets so more often than not, I'm woken up at 3am from the semi trucks backing into the lot (imagine the loud backing in beeping sounds) or the production crew yelling at each other. Don't be fooled about the double paned windows...they don't help! The windows facing the city/freeway are the only apts that areactually double/double paned to drown out the noise.<br>Facing 6th st= really loud bus engines and sirens. <br>Also, avoid bedrooms that are right next to an elevator! The floors are tiled so it sounds like people are walking from the elevator and into my room. The sounds of the elavator going up and down can barely be muffled by a fan. Before I moved in I asked the manager to push the button so I could stay in the room to hear if the elevator would be a problem....I soon learned on day one of my lease that he lied! I would have never chosen that room had I known. Also, the tv provider is horrible. There's no cable, only dishnetwork and it's so inconvenient to use! If you're like most people who only have a cell phone, then you have to get satellite interet and it's super slow. <br>Other than that the piero is a pretty place to live. The pool area is great, parking is always good, management is good about keep the noise down and it feels safe. All in all the amenities are what brought me here. Besides the street noises and the sounds of people slamming doors it's not so bad. Most of the time you'll barely see anyone in the hallways. I seriously don't even know what my neighbors look like.<br>If you're a girl living by yourself it's worth checking out. Just plunk down the extra $$ and get a room near the fountain or pool or face being miserable for the next 12 months due to lack of sleep.
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