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Santee Court



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Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
My experience living at the Santee Court... <br> An awful, horrific, appalling,dreadful, terrible,Frightening,terrifying, gruesome, horrid, Hideous, dreadful, vile, Terrifying NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!<br> I don't even know where to begin... I guess at the begining...when I was Lied to about Parking. I was told I would recieve a parking space... Well...yeah in Joes Parking lot. A Completly UNSAFE public lot. Yes they did put a fence up, which is better than before...but what does that mean to residents of the Santee Court...NOTHING! Homeless people are still in there, public is still parking in there, and cars are still getting broken into and completly destroyed. Not to mention there is never anywhere to park in the gate...so you leave...you suffer...with no "safe" parking space. After you park...You go in to bring your Groceries or whatever you have...But no back door only a staircase filled with rotting trash. If you want to attempt to use the elevators...that you are taking a chance with hoping one is working ( I LOVE it when I was moving...and there were NO elevators!)...you must go around to the front door... and risk your life on Los Angeles st...But there is security right?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I've felt safer with a kitten near me for protection. Security is a JOKE! they talk, Smoke and Sleep all night. <br>Next is the Noise...Ahhh..the Noise! Living there I got so used to the noise, when I finally got to sleep in quiet I couldn't! I wasn't used to it! It is the LOUDEST place EVER!!!! <br>Then the Trash...OH the Trash! I think I actually smelled so much trash I got used to it! Some people will complain about the hallway ans Stair well stench... Well I got lucky enough to have the trash shoot leaking into my loft! Yes...all my furniture,clothes, and body smelled like the trash shoot! It was the GROSSEST thing EVER! When I complained of this...the "Maintnence Crew" of Santee Court...(after 3 weeks of constant complaining) and a call to the Los Angeles Health Department...They "fixed" my problem with a can of air freshener! AIR FRESHENER!!! Were they kidding? No apperently not.this also came after the Santee Court constantly telling me it was my smell...because I must not clean! No...Santee Court you are WRONG! Only after I stopped paying the rent and called an attorney did action take place.<br>Luckly someone had broken their lease, and had moved out... Not cleaning a thing. So I packed up, and moved myself into a new filthy loft. But at that point anything was better than the Trash shoot apt.<br>So...a few long noisey, trash smelling, unsafe months later... did things get REALLY bad. Up to that point I didn't realize the Nightmare had only begun. <br>So, when something breaks....HAHAHAHAHAHA good luck getting it fixed. My toilet was broken for a whole year... water ran constantly, I asked at least 2 times a week to get it fixed...did it?? NO! My fire detector ran out of batteries... I can't reach...so I asked the Santee Court...2 months later... and no rent check...finally it gets fixed. At the Santee court you can HEAR EVERYTHING!!!! People walking, All the domestic violece of the people upstairs litterally trying to hurt eachother, and all the other chirping of fire detectors, from people with he same problem as me. <br>So, thats when it really happened, when I left one day for work...and the Santee Court broke into my apt. BEWARE.... They enter WITHOUT 24 hr notice!!! Residents just don't know. I didn't until one afternoon when they ramshackled my apt. Injured my pet,and left him to die, WHAT??? Apparently the Santee Court doesn't follow Ca State law!<br>That was my final straw... I had to escape!!! At the end of my experience at Santee Court I eagerly welcomed the new and so called improved management company! I was happy things could be changing for Santee... well again.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a Joke! To this day my nightmare continues! They are the WORST yet!!!!!!! They are RUDE,Disrespectful, ill-Mannered,Impolite, Mannerless, Un-called for,and Unpleasant. <br>They snap at you, they don't want to help, and they are very snotty. P.S... I am the one paying over $1500. a month! I don't like being treated as if I am a pain. <br>Anyways, I guess all I can say is I am just SO thankful to be out of there! It was not only a RIP OFF but mentally disturbing...I am still trying to recover from living at the Santee Court! I just want to forget it ever happened. Unfortunatly everytime I see a Rite Aid or anything that remotely reminds me of this nightmare I cringe...remembering my horrific experience.Looking back, and as I still deal with them on a daily basis, I think all in all, Santee Court is a huge JOKE!<br>I just want to give a warning I never got... STAY AWAY!!!! You can find so many better lofts in LA! ANYTHING is better!!!!!<br>
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Santee Court

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