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Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Let me start off by saying I have lived in apartments in every major region of the United States and many more overseas and this apartment is by far the best I've experienced. I moved to Los Angeles from out of state 2 years ago and rented the apartment without ever laying eyes on where I would be living as I had no choice due to the fact I was relocating last minute because of my occupation. When I rented the apartment I didn't know what to expect other than what I had been told over the phone and the photos I had seen on their website. When I arrived in LA I was overjoyed at how the apartment had exceeded my expectations and was relieved I had made a great choice and was even surprised at the fact it was even nicer in person than I expected. This place has exactly what most people look for in a great apartment complex. It is in a prime location, has clean and safe surroundings, is well kept and despite it not being a brand new building the apartments here are in excellent condition. Like I said before I have lived in a lot of apartments over the years from luxury ones to some not so great ones. But to me what makes or breaks whether I am happy where I live is the management staff. This is the main reason I love Savoy West so much. From day one the property manager Debbie has gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy here. She has always been readily available when I need something and always makes it happen right away. She is also very kind and compassionate and truly loves her job and tackles everything head on and will go out of her way to make sure every resident in the building is happy. Work orders here are always promptly taken care of in a very timely manner. And if you ever have an issue with your apartment that is vital there is always someone on call available 24 hours a day to fix something unexpected that may occur even on weekends. The maintenance staff Dan and Miguel are always working their hardest to make sure the building is in tip top shape and all work orders are filled. They are also very friendly, understanding of your time and courteous and are excellent about keeping everything in your apartment in working order and running smoothly. I have no intentions of moving out anytime soon and hope my job situation doesn't require me to move again as I love it here and am truly happy with where I live. So if you have any doubts about whether to call this your next home don't worry because once you move in you will be as happy as I am and never want to move again!
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