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Serrano Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
For $1300 you can def find something way better, KEEP LOOKING! The new manager is nice and her boyfriend is good at helping out if you have a maintenance issue needing resolved it is an old building in a very crumby neighborhood would be the biggest complaint. They seem to have a minor roach and bed bug issue but for the most part it has been getting better, I just make sure to clean and wipe everything down after every meal with clorox to ensure they stay away becasue as soon as you dont you will see roaches crawling around the kitchen cabinets. The lobby always smells of dog and human piss alike. A group of latino daddies gather at the main entrance drinking beer, smoking and cat calling my girlfriend and making rude remarks to us when we enter or leave the building. Always some sort of gang violence going on the block, man was beat to death on roof of apartment next door with shovels one night and a few halloweens ago found a body n the dumpster at 1025 n serrano... yikes! Always trans hookers on the corner, shaking their nude exposed dicks and breasts even encountered one who lives here coming and going to take his/her clients to the laundry room in the basement for sex trades...Oh yeah and when it rains the laundry room floods. MOST OF ALL I AM WILLING TO SHLUB OFF ALL THAT AND SAY IT MAKES FOR INTERESTING LIVING BUT THE MOST HURTFULL THING IS THE PARKING!!!!! If you have a car there is nooooooo where to park at all and if you do find something out front your car will get the windows knocked out or radio or battery stolen. :(
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Serrano Apartments

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