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Sycamore Lanai



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/29/2014
I am in the process of moving out. And The manager, ---------------- (he bluntly requires us to refer to him as ------) better not try and keep my security deposit. Reason #1: First off the onsite building manager is weird. I know its Hollywood but he's weird in the sense of when my handsome male friends pay me a visit he makes very uncomfortable innuendos. We're not uncomfortable with the fact that he is ---. That's not the issue, hell who doesn't have a --- friend/family member? Nowadays we all do. But there is a way to present oneself with dignity and respect. So with that being said that is one of the reasons I'm leaving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- ----------------------------. Reason #2: ----- allows tenants to smoke weed. I don't smoke weed nor do I mind if others do. But I do mind when it invades my private space. Nowadays it seems everyone has a medical card but like cigarette smoke, I don't want to be forced to smell others smoke. I've complained to him about it and in turn he has told the tenants I have complained about. I know this because they have shared this with me. My experience has been that you cannot share something with ----- about another tenant because he'll go back and tell them. I am a physically fit man so I could handle myself. I feel sorry for those whom cannot stand up for themselves. Reason #3: The building looks good, no doubt. But it takes ----- so long to fix things around the property. For the longest time the lock was broken in the garage area. I had to call the City to file a complaint. Homeless people were going into the garage and coming into the complex at all hours of the day and night and I no longer feel my valuables are safe. Reason #4: Managers are required by law to be onsite 8 hours a day when a complex has 12 or 16 units. ----- takes off to take care of other properties. He has clearly let me and other tenants know this. This is against the law. Reason #5: Some tenants have dogs. Although in our contract it clearly states "dogs must not defecate on our front lawn" they still make lots of noise. One guy here with a dog named ----- has some type of large Parrot that squawks all day long. Its terrible and the dude has a full sized dog that is locked up in a studio. Who is allowed to do this? I don't know nor do I care if this dog is a service animal, that's not the point. People we live in an apartment unit with no backyard. And to share more about this guy he is so lazy he just walks his dog down to the corner and back. He never spends quality time taking his dog on long leisurely walks. And his dog jumps on everyone. He has no control. I have complained to ----- about this but nothing has been done. Reason #6: The noise and mice. Its unbearable now for me to continue to live here. Both the noise and mice have become way too much for me to handle. And I know ----- cannot control the noise but he can hire a pest control company to do something about the out of control rodent problem. So although this is an amazing location don't fall for -----'s line of bull when he says "we are the cheapest on the block" because that is a line of BS. Check other buildings on the block before you sign on the dotted line.
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Sycamore Lanai

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