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Sycamore Lanai



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MyRCode • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2011
I needed a place for 6 months before moving in with my girlfriend. I found this place and it "looked nice". I put a deposit down on the apartment as soon as I saw it because the manager "told me he had someone who was about to sign the lease". After the move in, I noticed the garbage disposal didn't work, one of the plugs against the long wall (the plug that also has a switch in it) randomly doesn't work (you have to un-plug and then re-plug whatever you have back in there), and the heater in the bathroom doesn't work. Eventually I had the garbage disposal replaced, but the manager said the electrician didn't find any thing wrong with the socket (even though I explained the problem to him over and over again). After the first two weeks, I noticed cockroaches (little baby ones and full grown adults). I placed several Raid cockroach traps. I didn't see them too much after that, but was always worried that they're crawling around when I'm not home. Most of the neighbors there are noisy...especially on Fridays and weekend nights. The walls are very thin and the you can hear any body in the hallway talking. I especially enjoyed the neighbor right next to me who liked to listen to her loud "bass-y" music and the neighbor right above me who though it'd be nice to lift weights (or move furniture around) at 10 or 11 at night. Even though I was only here for six months I could not wait to get out. My last month I put in my 30 day notice 10 days early. The manager stated that he had someone that wanted to move in early and would pro-rate me 15 days rent if I could get out early. I agreed. He returned me full months check and I wrote him a new check for 1/2 months rent. I did the walkthrough and the manager stated that I should receive the majority of my $500 deposit back minus about $50 or $60 for cleaning. A month after moving out I received a letter stating that I wasn't receiving any of my deposit back because I broke the lease. It turns out the person that was supposed to move in to the apartment couldn't fit their car into the garage so they stuck me with the bill. They charged me $100 for plaster and painting, $60 for cleaning, and $165 for late rent! I'm currently fighting them trying to get my deposit back. Avoid this place at all costs! It's a mediocre apartment with a horrible property manager and property management company.
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Sycamore Lanai

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