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Sycamore Lanai



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2006
I lived in this building for a year, about a year ago. At the time, my tiny one bedroom cost $1100. It came with: an in-wall AC that didn't work properly, no screens on the windows, and a dysfunctional garbage disposal. We were promised they would be fixed, but they weren't. The appliances were VERY old (the oven perhaps from the 50's) and kept breaking. <br>In any case, they pulled some shady stuff with me - after we moved out, we were told that on top of keeping the entire $1100 security deposit, they wanted an additional $100. Now, we didn't leave the place spotless, but they told us that the carpet needed to be replaced and the paint was beyond repair. If I didn't pay, they said they'd screw with my credit.<br>I thought all of this seemed very odd, since the walls were literally spotless, and the carpet needed only a steam cleaning to be returned to its original condition. Then I remembered: I saw the apartment being advertised on craig's list (at $1300), and they were advertising it as having a new carpet and new appliances - this was way before I moved out, and they were planning on putting in new carpet before they had even seen it!<br>I sent them an email regarding the CL post, along with pictures I had taken before I moved out showing everything in decent condition.<br>Surprise, no reply. They haven't done anything to my credit but I am owed at the very least $600. Stay away!
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Sycamore Lanai

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