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Sycamore Lanai



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2007
I lived here from 2004-2005 (about 13 months). We moved into this little square studio on the 1st floor with no light or circulation at all for $850 (due to the fact that we moved from out of town and had to find a place fast). About 6 months later he wanted $950 (for this crappy place). When we finally moved out he started charging new tenants $1100 for the same little 4 walls. <br><br>We kept the place spotless and paid the rent on time all the time. We were perfect tenants compared to the losers this guy had been renting to. We got a couple of phone calls from the manager that our rent check bounced but that was never the case. The next day the manager would call to say that it wasn't our check. The manager also gave us a hard time about everything - we had a friend park in our parking spot for 2 seconds so he can drop his belongings off at our place and the mamager found us to reprimand. Mind you this is the same building where there was a crazy lady who would stay up all night slamming her door shut and yelling at nobody in the hallway. <br><br>When we moved out the place was is good condition with some scuffs on the walls. He kept $600 of our security deposit for "painting"! These walls could not have cost that much to paint - there is only 1 full wall, the other walls have windows, etc. <br><br>In a nutshell, I woulnd't give this guy a dime - why? Beacause he has the nerve to charge that much money for a crappy neighborhood. There are clubs on the corner and the weekends are packed with little wannabe punk kids running around like they own the neighborhood. On the front lawn of this apartment I saw a girl so drunk that she was peeing in the curb and then fell over in her own excrement. Who wants to live on a block filled with human excrement. Infact, that's how I describe this building manager and owner.
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Sycamore Lanai

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