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The Chadwick

209 S Westmoreland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90004



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saamisammi • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
Against my better judgment, i've been here for more than 2 years, first year in building 4 in a 1-bedroom and for the last year in building 1 in a two bedroom. <br><br>The only reason i am still here is that it takes me 10 minutes to get to my office in downtown. <br>First, I was shown a nice apartment in one of the central buildings, but got a godforsaken one right in the back. <br>It took two months to get a permanent spot, and once during that time, my car was towed because they allegedly couldn't see my parking permit. no matter, that i had been there for more than a month, and mine was the only car with NY plates... <br>The first, one-bedroom on the whole was OK, except taht it looked out on the parking lot of a church, where seniors would like to exercise to loud music on weekends. and the exit on Juanita Ave is fringed by decaying mattresses used by homeless people, quite unsafe to walk at night. <br>at the end of the first year, i was ready to move, but my husband got talked into a 2 bedroom on the other side, on Westmoreland. Dee, who has since left, assured us it was a nice quiet building. <br>Well, in the first few months, we were subjected to loud music late saturday night. teens like to hang around on the gallery by the stairs, talking loudly, forcing us to call security several times. <br><br>the fixtures are awful. when we moved in it wasn't obvious, but they basically paint over the bath tubs and shower stands, even sink to mask rust and other flaws. when i complained, they just came and gave it another coat, which has since started blistering. <br><br>management is extremely rude. maggie is prize biotch. i tried to get permission for a satellite dish on a pole or the roof (i'm on the top floor and north facing) but was refused in a very rude manner. so i am stuck with the ------ Adelphi service which charges $29 for about 20 basic channels, with an extra 20 for hbo and showtime. what a con!<br><br>the elevator serving my side of the building breaks down every month. even when it is working, it shudder, groans and creaks. the door closes even if you are standing there to keep it open. <br><br>the fitness center has old and decrepit machines. the pool is full of leaves and insects and i've never tried the "jacuzzi" which looks cruddy and always has some blubbery old man in it. <br><br><br>the worst is yet to come. security is lousy, guards stand around chatting and are not quick to respond. our new car a mini suv, was broken into, the back windshield smashed. and all security did was leave a note telling us that, gee, our car had been broken into. didn't bother to call police or report it. several other cars were also broken into, apparently for dvd players. <br><br>i am scouring for another place, where the carpet won't looked matted in a month, there won't be rust spots under the mirror or on the sink and drainholes in teh shower, there won't be spots in the kitchen linoleum, where drawers and cabinets will be a reasonable size, and most important, the management will listen and do something about my concerns. <br>
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The Chadwick

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